Shopping Spree! Yay! wait… yawn.

I just spent a small fortune on two different kinds of Rubbermaid containers. They were on sale, I shopped around, I got three gigantic and three you-could-hide-bodies-in-there sized ones. They match each other, which doesn’t make them any less boring. You’d think for how much they cost that they would fill themselves up and hop on over to the garage by themselves, but nooo. That’s what I get to do. Well, not only me. Chris gets to fill a few as well. That makes me feel moderately better. Also, once I finish shoving all the baby gear into one of the hide-bodies ones, I can bat my lashes at Chris and get him to install our closet organizer, since the bottom half of the closet won’t be full of baby gear. So that makes me feel a few steps better.

All in the name of organizing and keeping busy and not using cardboard boxes to store things any more. I’m such a grownup.

Thanks for the well wishes and sympathy re: my toothache. I mostly don’t want to drown myself most of the time. I’m praying somebody cancels an appointment and I get in sooner than a month for my oral surgery. They will likely have to cut my gums open which I’m totally okay with because booboos I can handle. Booboos don’t hit nerves and cause everything from your eardrum down to halfways down your jaw to hurt.

Anyways, back to distracting myself by filling buckets with stuff! Ta!

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