Okay, so according to Purolator my laptop is arriving today, so I should be back with picture-laden posts later today. But that exciting thing that I have been waiting weeks for, well, it has been outdone. Outshone. In an instant. With the best Christmas present ever, which is free. Well, okay, maybe the second best, we all know the best would be if I could actually go 2 for 2 on the knocked-up front.

Six oclock this morning my hubby woke me. Normally this would lead to grumpiness on my part. However, he woke me with this news – THERE IS HARDWOOD UNDERNEATH THE CARPET! SOOOOO EXCITED!
I’m so haaaaaappy. I just took a peek myself and the former homeowners (who were also the ones who built the home, apparently.) appear to have just stapled on the underlay. No glue! NOOOO GLUUUUUUUEEEE! For a moment I was sad a bit, thinking it wouldn’t work out because of the kitchen and the fact that we tore down a wall and made it open-concept. Chris was thinking we can take the hardwood out of the bedrooms and use it in the kitchen. But, we may not need to! It looks like they had hardwood in the kitchen and they nailed plywood on top of it and covered that in lino. WHAT POSSESSED THESE PEOPLE?! Did I mention they also then glued wood panelling overtop of the drywall in the livingroom? STYLE, this house reeked of it. lol.

(edit: no, there’s no hardwood under the kitchen floor after all. oh well, we prefer carpeted bedrooms anyways, so we’ll pull out the hardwood from under the carpet in there and finish the kitchen with that. So all of the main floor except the two bedrooms will have hardwood – my craft room included.)

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