Hi, my name is Laura. I formerly blogged at onthelaundryline.com, but during a big renovation and move and the chaos that that entails with a bigger family I let the url lapse and someone else bought it. I had custom tags for handmade items, business cards, direct links on various other blogs that were now useless, plus watermarked pictures all over Pinterest…. not to mention nobody but myself to blame. After a period of denial, angst, frustration, self-remonstration, and occasional bouts of apathy (after all, I hadn’t been blogging much for the last year or two…but… but… see above) I decided to start fresh on WordPress. I spent some time thinking, and while I am still unhealthily attached to my laundry line, I wanted to go in a different direction with my new blog name. My mind kept straying back to a joking line in my Instagram bio about how I am wildly outnumbered by children and animals, and thus, wildlyoutnumbered.com was born.

I have two girls, two boys, a mystery baby due in October, one husband who I occasionally help with our construction company, 2 dogs, a cat with (as I type this) 6 kittens and an undecided status on whether we fix and keep all or some, two cows, and a flock of chickens who are NOT all chickens. We aren’t done yet (animals, I’m talking about animals) so the numbers keep going up. When I’m not competently and majestically floating around caring for all of the above without breaking into a sweat, staring wild-eyed at my reflection in the mirror while I hide in the bathroom, or something in the middle… I like to create clothing, accessories, and home goods for our family. I also enjoy making our house into a home and throwing open our doors. I may not throw Pinterest-worthy parties, but I aim for a homey and welcoming home with lots of outdoor fun, bottomless pots of coffee, and probably glowsticks.