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Photo Montage of Hecla Island

This year we decided to travel Manitoba a bit more, so we went to Elkhorn Resort early in the year (and will go again as a Christmas holiday, embracing the White Christmas idea) and then during the summer we went to Hecla Island. We camped in the campground, and my parents and youngest brother stayed in the resort the friday night. For a quick review, the island is beautiful. The town of Hecla is weathered, rustic and charming, and just a short drive away there is Riverton with a Co-op grocery store and other shops. The resort restaurant and the co-op in Riverton had the best coffee we had the whole week, if we go again we’re taking our Tassimo for sure because we are addicts and camping coffee is not rustic and charming, it tastes like poo. You’re probably a better person who is more in-tune with nature than I am if you disagree. I won’t argue. I can literally see a Safeway from my livingroom window if I look down the street, and there’s a Tim Hortons in there. Camping coffee is not my thing.

The island is covered in walking paths through majestic forests. I even went for a jog, getting excited at the prospect of running into a moose when I saw some signs that there had been one nearby. Then I immediately remembered that moose are temperamental gigantic horses with antlers, unlike placid deers, and was significantly less excited.

We jogged, and biked, and did not swim because it was cold and gloomy here at the end of July. The kids waded a bit, and Olivia waded in waist-deep, so it was a good thing I had taken the time to roll up her jeans for her.

The resort was lovely and had an amazing golf course. We are not golfers, but we can appreciate a good looking and well-maintained course from an aesthetic viewpoint. We ate a few meals in the resort, and they were slow-happy-tear-running-down-your-face delicious, lovely to look at, and quite reasonably priced. (Comparatively, we found the food at the resort at Elkhorn extravagantly priced, fancy looking, and aside from one mushroom pizza that I shamefully gobbled down singlehandedly, not all that tasty.)

All in all we totally recommend checking out Hecla. If you have young children who like to take off and you’re camping, I recommend getting one of the many campsites that are right beside a small playground. Your site won’t be as private but you’ll know where your kids are taking off to, plus you’ll be near a washroom.

And now I give you, photo overload.






























Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to have a good cry, as these pictures were taken in July and now that it’s November Jackson hardly looks a baby in comparison.

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