So, I have been sewing and crafting away this week and last, but not really taking the time to do good photos or to post them. Back to my old tricks already, eh? Oh, yes and no. I’ve signed up to do a nearby craft show on Nov 23rd in conjunction with preparing to relaunch my online shop. I’ve decided to relaunch shop{thelaundry}line rebranded as CLOTHESPINS by ON{thelaundry}LINE.


Look, I have a poorly shot picture of a business card and everything. Don’t count on these particular items showing up in the shop, there are people infinitely better at bows than I scattered all over the interwebs already, and as far as I’m aware a few of my online friends sell some form of the crocheted bows I was playing around free-forming. Some items will primarily be sold at craft fairs, while others (like my infinity scarves) will be available online soon.


I just got a shipment of more moustache fabric in, girlcharlee (referral link) suddenly had more available to preorder and you bet your buttocks I preordered right away. (along with a plethora of bird and feather fabrics, which cracked me up when it arrived as I hadn’t noticed the pattern.) The right picture is various knits cut and ready to be made into scarves, many of them already are and some of them are already sold.

I also did some sewing for Kids Clothes Week Challenge which I have yet to share, and some sewing for me that is on the table and not completed. We’ll get there.

In other news, I have become a bit obsessed with some british television lately and I couldn’t help but notice that everyone was wearing half-finger mittens. Well I mean, not everyone, but enough. And at first I thought nothing of it. Then I sort of thought it looked cool. Then I slowly started to get obsessed. I briefly considered knitting myself some, but I am not a superknitter and I wanted something cabled. Plus I would likely get one mitten done, minus the probably finicky half-fingers (double pointed needles, hiss!) and then toss it in the basket as I panicked and tried to finish a table full of handmade accessories in the last week before the sale, never to be seen again. Soooo I went shopping on etsy. Since I missed both sharing my own handmade goods this week, AND missed my friday favs, here are the mittens I added to my fav list before making my decision (which was the last pair.) Click any of them to buy, although two are already sold so you’ll have to click around the shops of the sellers. WARNING: DO NOT ADJUST YOUR MONITORS. Grey gray grrrr, eh!
And yes, I noticed one was a men’s pair.


Just think! One can use one’s smartphone, find the keys, open the gas thinger, dig change out of the cupholder, and various other things that would normally require the removal of mittens. But one’s knuckles could still be toasty, while looking significantly more sophisticated than when using the flip-over mittens I am shamefully fond of. Although to be honest, there is no such thing as shame in Winnipeg when it’s –40 Celcious. You wear your long johns, a hoodie, fake turtleneck thinger, a scarf, a toque (get it right), finger mitts, mittens over your finger mitts, a coat that covers your butt, and some big old boots, and you walk nonchalantly down the street drinking an iced coffee.

But for tropical weather like –20C, half-finger mitts will have me strutting my stuff.

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