Scarves for Maverick

These are the infinity scarves I whipped up this week for A Miracle For Maverick, an auction that will go live next week is now live. For more information about Maverick and the auction, check my previous post. I didn’t use any particular tutorial to make these, but if you are interested, most of the fabric (save for the first one) is from Girl Charlee, my favourite (read: only) source for knit fabric online. (Here is a referral link that will earn me fabric if you buy there for the first time.) Sadly, the grey moustache fabric is out of print, and while I am donating both of the scarves I made from it, I fully intend to bid to win one back.





Watch for one more sewing post this week, on Saturday I’m part of a blog tour! My house is such a mess this week, guys, seriously a disaster. Nicole is off school and as a bonus, sick. I’ve been sewing up a storm (not just these but a few other projects with deadlines as well, and one without) and also doing freezer meal prep / bulk cooking. It wasn’t a good plan to do it all in the same week, I’ve seen the error of my ways, but I had already bought the groceries and it will pay off big time for the rest of the month. And really, as saintly as that may all sound, I love sewing and cooking and I’m not a huge fan of the cleaning, so really in the end I just didn’t do the ‘grown up’ thing this week. The week isn’t over though, I have every intention of pulling on the big girl pants and having it all top shape within the next 48 hours. If only because it’s driving me nuts and I’m embarrassed to open the door. The downside of the open-concept home would definitely be seeing that sink full of dishes from the front door… just ask my Tupperware consultant.


I will outbid you for one of this scarf back, you won’t even know what hit you.

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