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And a giveaway for that at the end but pretend to read this because it’s my birthday and you have to be nice to me.

Ah, the relaunch of my blog. I wish I could say that meant an exciting redesign or a shift to word press, but in this case it just means I actually plan to blog more regularly again. I wouldn’t say things are less busy lately – this morning I question my sanity; there was one snotty baby toddler who was in bed again by 9, two cereal explosions, three fighting kids, four missing socks, and seventy-five hissy fits. (Does 75 not come after 4? Please inform the children.)

So as I sit here eating steak and eggs for breakfast (microwaved, and the steak was leftovers, but my mouth has no idea) and eyeing Olivia, bouncing around on the mini trampoline I hauled upstairs to distract her, I oil up my brain and warm up my fingers and ask myself why. It’s not really for the community any more. A lot of that has moved to Instagram, and it’s easy and interactive and neat-o, gang. I love it. So why pick up the blogging? I’ve never seen a red cent for it, although I’ve gotten some really nice stuff – it’s not for the money, honey. So why?

Well, for the blogging itself.

The skills I don’t want to fall by the wayside.

The good quality photos I don’t remember to take otherwise, bigger and better than just that convenient little iphone. The editing, zooming in on little eyes and mouths and memorizing those details and falling in love with them even deeper. Commemorating them in photographs but also in my head.

The writing, always something I’ve done in one form or another. I actually wrote at least two complete novels when I was in highschool, and more that were incomplete; scribbled in notebooks hidden in desks during class more often than not. Oh, they were so awful, but so grand. My friends would read them and encourage me and read them some more, sometimes professing love to the male leads. You know you have good friends when they claim to be in love with your fictional characters, guys.

But I digress. My point is, I’ve been reminded that I love to write, and I love to capture photographs, so I have decided to put more effort into blogging regularly. Use it or lose it. Bear with me as I fumble through, my brush isn’t as skilled as it could be when I try to paint pictures with words these days. But as long as you can see what the picture is supposed to be, I’m sure I’m moving in the right direction.

So, if you’re interested, my attempted schedule will be as such:

My Mondays – the gist of it is that this will be a bit of a free for all. Cute pictures of my kids, slightly dramatized novellas of the day to day, maybe some of my own personal or family recipes, whatever.

Working Wednesdays – This will be the meat and bones day. Primarily sewing stuff, so if that’s what you’re here for, that’s your big day.

Friday Favs – I used to do a weekly round up of Friday Favs, and I’m aiming to do that again. Favorite projects from other bloggers, etsy finds, fav new products or recipes.

I know, awful names, and I won’t likely mention them again except the Friday Favs!

Now, give the people what they’re here for, amiright? Here’s the good stuff!


A little collection from my own personal craft room and shelves, a hunk of cream and gold lace, Martha Stewart glitter Coral Reef collection, a bit of washi tape, some mint rose earrings, and some hair candy for little girls and pretty ladies. And of course, a little wooden laundry pin to remember me by! The accessories are all moi. I may throw in some more stuff yet, but this is the bare bones basic that you’ll get. (sorry about the flash-trashed photo, but it’s full on dark here today. Beats last year, when it snowed on my birthday! Winnipeg – Hoo-rah!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway //

This is my first Rafflecopter giveaway so do please let me know if it isn’t working!

One thought on “IT HAS BEGUN

  1. I love IG too, but it's just not the same. I like your longer witty writing too. I look forward to finding more of you in my reader/feedly/bloglovin/facebook/whichever place it shows up.


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