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The Dawn of a New Era


The crickets chirp in the silence. Suddenly, a noise in the distance. A faint rumbling. Could it be? Could Laura be gearing up to blog more regularly again?



Ha! Just kidding.


764cdb261ba911e38dc022000a1f8c21_7Jackson working on the relaunch

Nicole is back in school and routines are back, but I’ll be travelling soon with the hubster. (A large blonde man with fists like hammers will be at my house with his family and a pack of fierce albeit smallish dogs, so I wouldn’t bother gearing up to rob the place. Sorry.) Meanwhile, I do have some yet-unblogged stuff, including a brief tutorial on how to make kids jeggings/leggings/pants out of existing garments ready. Instead of handing it over I’m hoarding it for a relaunch in October. Specifically….


In most circles known as My Birthday. If  you didn’t know that October was the Best Month Ever yet, in my house it’s My Birthday, Thanksgiving, and Candyfest. Not to mention two of my sister in laws birthdays as well so there tends to be some fantastic girls night in there. And I’m part of a pattern tour in October that I am so pumped about. SO PUMPED. SPUMPED.


Watch for me. Wait for me. I’ll be doing a giveaway on my birthday to kick off the relaunch, so if you’ve got an online shop you’d like to promo and/or goodies you’d like to give me other people for my birthday email me.

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