Micro Shoot–Father & Son

My husband, son, and I just got back from Elkhorn Resort here in Manitoba, near Riding Mountain National Park. We wandered down and took a look at their new stables and said hi to the horses, and I took a quick moment and did the world’s fastest mini shoot (we are talking less than five minutes here, but I got at least as many shots that I was happy with so works for me!)



Jackson wasn’t too sure what he thought about the horses so we got his serious face, but that’s okay with me because that face is a large part of who he is. He is a goofy, happy, smiley boy but when we’re out and about this is often the look he gives people!



If you zoom in on the above picture you can see Elkhorn’s chalets really well, which I thought was pretty cool. A nice way to remember the trip! (If you look at the other pictures really close you can probably see the swarm of ticks descending on us. Chris got the worst of it and picked at least five off his his legs and from down his shirt. I wound up with two. And the next day when we were at home there was suddenly one trying to hide in Jackson’s hair, probably from on the truck.)


It was nice to get away and I enjoyed getting some quick country shots of my boys! Chris grew up rural and we’re hoping to live outside the city ourselves by the time Jackson is in Kindergarten. We are excited to bring Olivia and Nicole up to Elkhorn someday, it’s a shame we have booked two camping expeditions in summer already.

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