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Inspired: Dressing Olivia

Okay so I was totally going to participate in Boy Week of Project Run and Play. But somehow what I came out of the craftroom with was a washi dress. These things happen.

Right now I’m putting together some inspiration for Olivia’s dress for this week. She’s the most awkward to dress right now, with her skinny hips and general skinny-fat toddler body. But what I love about dressing girls? Dresses. Dresses for girls, and one-piece outfits for boys. Simple, cute, no tucking anything in, and no dealing with her giant tummy pushing everything to her tiny hips where her no-bum laughs and says “Good luck with that.”

To fit my wants and hers (Just linking to pinterest here, while I prefer to link the source some of these are from online stores in foreign languages with items long out of stock, but you can try access them via pinterest if you’d like)

-giant pockets. She is obsessed with pockets right now – and I love a good pocket too. She keeps trying to stick things in MY pockets, so clearly she needs more of her own. I’m loving the giant pockets on this pin..

Source: via Laura on Pinterest


A trim clean bodice where I can put some embroidery, and a full skirt for those pockets.


I’d also like to try get something done for Nicole this week as well, I’d love to get something matching or coordinating happening. But Olivia is my top priority since Nicole’s closet floweth over! Won’t she just be mad though, she feels I’m contractually obligated to sew exclusively for her.

I’ve actually got a sewing machine on the way for her from ebay,  bought for less than $100 including shipping, but reviewed as good for beginners. She got a toy one for Christmas from my grandma but it doesn’t even have a bobbin, just one line of thread, I don’t understand how it works so I’m not very helpful! So since she wants to learn, and it wouldn’t suck to have a simple backup machine that does reliable stitching, Chris and I decided I would start stalking ebay until I managed to get one of the two machines I was looking at for the price I wanted. So if it comes in this week, I’ll also be teaching her how to sew a basic bag, along with the basics of machine safety, how to wind a bobbin, how to thread the machine, etc. All the boring stuff! I figure if we intersperse boring stuff with working on the bag together, in small doses, I can teach her. I’ve cleaned up my craft room (still waiting to redo my fabric organization) in anticipation of sharing with her. I’m cautiously excited to embark on this journey of learning with her, I hope she takes to it as well as I think she will. 

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