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Not a unicorn skirt, modelled

I went outside with my girls today for a bit to seek out enough light to get some modelled shots of the non-unicornal skirt. I also edited the first post about that already so that it contained some modelled shots. Please note that I did, in fact, pull out my DSLR, take pictures, and even edit them a bit. Ok so I just twitched the white balance a scootch but it counts. Barely.


Ghetto clothesline, ghetto backyard. Please enjoy. Also please enjoy Nicole’s styling. Those socks are supposed to be cuffed, and Olivia will wear them cuffed, but Nicole yanks them as high as they will go and as such, does not like to wear them very often. Also a hot pink sweater with an insane amount of fluff inside (wish it was in my size, it’s like wearing an inside out teddy bear, I’d wager) and hot pink + silver lightup shoes. She had some big white-rimmed rhinestone-blinged shades on, too, but when it wasn’t actually sunny outside (fall isn’t very sunny here, which actually is quite nice for photography I find) she abandoned them.


I la-la-love how full the skirt turned out. It’s a really lightweight denim, although not quite a chambray, more like really bad momjeans with an elastic waist type of a fabric.


This little monkey needed a picture. No, I’m not brushing her hair lately. She has a cold and her hair gets snotty during naps and thusly unbrushable except right after baths, and I don’t fancy being kicked in the teeth in the name of pretty hair.


Maybe Nicole has something going here with the high socks and the skirt; I must admit, this is presh.


She just looooooves her Pegasus Unicorn Skirt. And I just looooooove her. Now, please enjoy my smiling children!


Lovely dark blue eyes.


Please imagine a tiny, evil supervillian cackle to fully and accurately appreciate this smile.


My ugly stepchild. Or something.


Whee, it’s Jackson! I’ll update you on him shortly, with a mothery overdose of cute baby photos.

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