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It’s a unicorn! No.

I’m pretty excited about this project, but a little afraid it won’t live up to the hype. Not only have I been trumpeting my excitement about it on the facebook page, Nicole has been excitedly telling anyone and everyone that I’m making her a unicorn skirt and it’s a real unicorn, it really is. Except a) it’s embroidery, and b) it’s a Pegasus and not a unicorn at all. Technically.

(it appears that someone touched my lens and everything is a big foggy in these pictures. Please interpret this as being in a dreamlike state, glorying in the majesty of a real unicorn.)


Okay, so, favourite features of this skirt: cute embroidery (triple yay on that one, and it’s from thick hem, full skirt, the yellow topstitching on the denim using topstitching thread, pockets with pink lining. It should fall to just below the knee and have some good twirling and swishing power.


Dislike about the skirt: I should have done the topstitching on the hem with a double needle. Also, I was super duper proud about my topstitching up the side and how it tacked the pocket down a bit. Until I finished the skirt completely and realized that I had done it backwards. Odds are, nobody will notice, although my husband did agree that if you didn’t look at anything but the pockets, you’d instinctually put the skirt on backwards. Makes me want to do a big stompy fit, just a little bit, because I was oh so proud of how it looked and just sure that I’d done it the right way for some reason. Live and learn… check and recheck and then sew and recheck again, seam ripper in hand. Seam ripper and I did in fact have several goes at putting in the pockets and not getting them inside out or backwards. Note to self,  doing it successfully once does not equate ‘so experienced I can do it from memory without consulting tutorial.’

IMG_0269  IMG_0274

Uncertain about the waistband. It has a little ruffle on it and a lot of color, which tied into the pegasus. I stole it off a pair of capris I didn’t think she’d get a chance to wear, my mil picked them up for me from a thrift store and the brightness was right up Nicole’s alley. I think I have to see it on her yet, otherwise I will take it off and use more denim and do an equally thick but more simple waistband, possibly with a zipper on the side. Feel free to nod and agree that might be a better choice, because unless this doesn’t fit there is no way I can give this to Nicole and then maybe take it back to change something. She has been excited about this skirt for five days already.


Please enjoy my photography studio, aka tacking the skirt to a foamcore board and leaning it against the cupboards. You can see the thumbtack above, if you look. hehe. That sort of attention to detail is exactly why my blog makes the big pretty much non-existent bucks.


Fly free, little pegasus! I do love how it looks like it is run/flying along the hemstitching line. Suffice it to say, I am just in love with my new sewing machine! Aside from the awesome embroidery feature, I have come to realize that a lot of problems with my sewing before, or frustrations, were very much a ‘it’s not me it’s you’ between me and my old machine. My stitches have quite literally never been so even! And egads, automatic buttonholer! It’s like some sort of foreign magic. (I went back and edited in some modelled shots of this skirt, taken with my normal camera and free of hazy smudge)


Speaking of magic, I apologize that I haven’t shown my kitchen reveal yet. (Try not to think too hard about that segue. It really did not make any sort of sense whatsoever.) We keep adding little things here and there to the kitchen/livingroom! Almost done now, I’m pretty sure, and I’m hoping to get that rephotographed soon. But here’s a sneaky peaky!


Oh no, wait. That’s Nicole’s two year old backside and a sortof view of our kitchen before we painted the old cupboards white but after we had ripped out the wall between kitchen and livingroom.


Here we go, this is more like it! The table is where the fridge was in the first picture, more or less. Since this photo was taken the door has changed, the window and door were framed out, and we hung a chandelier over the table. We’ll be putting a dishwasher in where that garbage can is later this week. See what I mean? Still changing lots of things!




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