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A little sew-n-sew

I kept hoping to get some actually GOOD photos of these items, but lately it has been darker than the deepest darkest blackhead around here. In the brief moments of sunshine, these garments or these children have not been properly available. So in the interest of blogging about them ever, this will have to suffice.


My children are not particularly exposed to models, Hannah Montana or whatever the current hip hop happening young tween show happens to be, or commercials. We have Netflix, the end. Not to be self righteous. Well, maybe a little – I think the shows aimed at preteens and young teens these days are straight up oversexualized, considering the age group they are for, and it is not okay that parental and teacher characters are punchlines and fools… what ever happened to Full House/Boy Meets World type shows?  Where authority figures could be funny but always had a valid and awesome point? As opposed to “Oh my mom, she’s so helplessly ditsy haha. I don’t know what she’d do without me!” Says the 12-15 year old girl with the 8 year old audience. NO. Not okay. But I digress, I could literally write an entire blog series on the topic but this post is about sewing things.

Anyways, when I told them to be models this is where it went. Models tilt their heads sideways and/or act like flamingos.


For Nicole, a pale blue crinkly gauzey type materiel she picked out of a remnant bin. Throw on a rolled hem, one seam up the back, a knit material skirt underneath for a modesty-comfort one-two hit, and a simple elastic waistband. Easy, simple, and a great way to quell her claims of injustice. “Olivia gets everything she wants and you never sew me anything!” Pretty sure that’s the opposite of actual truth. Also, Olivia has never requested anything from my sewing room, but takes things with grace and dignity. Nicole, at this age, had a few handmade items (like a hooded cape, for example) that she deeply despised. Real passion was invoked. Olivia is nonplussed by all, neither particularly excited nor particularly irritated. Despite never being rejected, it is a bit saddening that I never receive the deep level of excitement that Nicole has always had for handmade items she was impressed by.


Take this top, for example. Hand stitches (blanket stitch applique and french knots on the bodice), facings, covered buttons, pleats. Olivia neither likes nor dislikes. It took a while, which is the cause for Nicole feeling like I ‘never’ sew for her. It was fun to do, but I wish it had been longer… I was working with two fat quarters.


Probably the best shot I have of the detail work. Please enjoy the complete lack of editing as far as these photos are concerned. I’ve been busy lately, something always has to give, and it’s been photos editing and blogging. Also my memory… I’ve missed some great things lately simply by completely forgetting about them entirely, much to my own chagrin.


Olivia giving me the stinkeye for pulling her arm out to try and take a picture of the front of the shirt while she was eating the sit-still-bribes. I love this crazy monkey, attitude and all.


Last bit of loving for Nicole, a tank top of hers wandered through my sewing machine’s embroidery hoop. Doing some learning. I love it… I have a really fun project almost finished that involves a really cute bit of embroidery, I’m actually going to go work on that right now!

Have a great day! Do you have any fun projects on the go?? My husband keeps complaining about mine because he wants me to hem the curtains! Consider that proof that I did not forget about it this time, but completely chose to go finish something fun instead. I’m a terrible person.


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