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Okay so first of all, I did this like two weeks ago but I have two under two, a kitchen reno, wasn’t in my house for two weeks, had to move out and back in with three kids, and you’re not the boss of me. Secondly, this is really just a quick alteration, but it was touching my sewing machine, so again… you’re not the boss of me. Shut your face. I won’t put it in the flicker pool, because it doesn’t seem worthy, but know this… kids clothes and sewing have been on my mind. And refashioning has been on my mind a lot again lately, too. Sometimes a refashion is as simple as fixing an unwearable but potentially awesome pair of pants!


So, these pants. They are the best pants. They’re a dusty green with flowers and I bought them on a clearance rack for four bucks. Woohoo! Joe Fresh, if you’re curious. Then I got her to put them on and they were snug little skinny pants, yes. And yet the waist was an inch and a half too big? Weird, guys. Weird.


So I took them in at the waist. No fancy. I didn’t even measure, just pinched and guessed and hoped for the best. If you say that out loud, it rhymes. (Olivia always has this eighties-looking ponytail going on and I don’t love it but she’s not fond of having her hair done and it’s in that awkward place where it’s not bangs anymore but it hangs in her face.)


The shirt she’s wearing it with was her back to school shirt that I bought her early on in summer and made her put back in her closet several times before school started. She even tried to sneak it out under sweaters, but you get busted pretty fast wearing a hoodie sweater when it’s sweatastically hot outside. Anyways, aside from the fact that she’s clearly a professional model on the side, another thing about Nicole lately is that she la-la-LOVES sequins. I picked up some sequin trim last time I was fabric shopping and one of my goals this week it to use it to make her a shirt. I’m sewing up something hopefully cute for Olivia first (better be cute after all the decorative hand stitching I did on the bodice) but then it’s all Nicole. She’s been asking every time I look in the direction of my craft room if I can sew her something.


Nicole modelled these pictures. I mostly just went with it, but I did ask her what was on the roof to distract her when she started making some CA-RAY-zee faces.


Pretty sure she was a baby sometime last week but good grief, I am far too young to have this long limbed creature as my child. But then she’s in her room and finds a ‘surprise’ from our naughty doggie and crossly exclaims “ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Augh… Lily!” in literally the exact same tone that I use and yup… that kid is mine.

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