The Happiest Day

By most accounts, I’ve had a fantastic week. My kitchen reno is underway, I finally upgraded my free hand-me-down sewing machine now that it’s on it’s deathbed, and I won the Peekaboo Pattern Shop fall collection from the lovely Girl.Inspired blog.

However, as exciting as all that was, or should have been, it was Jackson on the front of my mind. And in my arms, most of the time. Poor little boy was not himself at all, whining and fussing and crying and only sleeping while in my arms. My sweet, easy baby was clearly not feeling well. Frankly, he was miserable. You know it has been a bad couple days when you check on your baby because he’s been sleeping for a whole hour now and that’s become unusual!

Finally, night before last, he slept from the evening until just after midnight. Then he woke up properly and happy and quiet and content for the first time in what felt like forever! Sitting up with him for two hours didn’t bother me in the least, I was so very happy he was feeling better. Yesterday was busy, with a doctors appointment for him, more running around, and some work at my house. (The kids and I are sleeping at my parents’ during renos.) He was a champ, and then slept through the night last night. Today I skipped bootcamp again (again! argh.) to give him a quiet and peaceful day at home, and he’s been napping and waking and happy and content, and words cannot describe how much my heart flows over to see my sweet boy happy again!  All that glitters cannot even begin to trump having happy, healthy children.

And yes, I did just catch how ridiculously domestic I apparently am since a new and way more functional kitchen, new sewing machine, and set of kids sewing patterns apparently entail ‘all that glitters’ for me.

Just to bring my mom-nerd score to level 134, I just found the fall photos/Sunday outfits for my kids, cute and comfy and coordinated just how I like it, and the only thing that delights me more than how sweet my children will look in those pictures is the fact that I paid $100 for all three outfits. Actually, that’s not true…. three dressy outfits plus a new shirt for each kid on top of that. Not sure about my American friends but for my Canadian comrades, Old Navy Canada still has it’s baby sale on today and if you spend over $75 you can use the coupon code on top of the page to save an extra 20%… and of course free shipping when you spend more than $50. I’m not an affiliate or anything, haha, but I had to share a good deal!


I’ll be back soon with more normal posts, I have a few things to share to tide you – and my own good self! – by until I can share my kitchen before and after and get home to break in my new sewing machine. Here is a ‘during’ sneak peek my hubby sent me… there’s a reason we aren’t at home right now!

 Photo: I don't live here right now. ;)

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