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Hi Fattie!


Why yes, we are contemplating renaming the blog I’m not sure who ‘we’ is, actually, although I’m sure Chris would love to stake a claim for co-ownership of the blog. Which he can when we can rename his business Foundations ON{thelaundry}LINE. I’ll get Nicole to pitch it to him, I think she’s almost got him sold on her idea to buy a schoolbus to drive her to school in. She’s got a plan, even that someone will babysit Jackson and Olivia while we take her to school in the bus. I’m sure he’ll see reason and logic soon.

I think that’s the singlemost terrible tangent that I’ve distracted myself with yet. I didn’t even get past the first picture before my mind wandered. It’s amazing that people read this nonsense.


What I was aiming for was the fact that my little fatty is 2 months old! That zoomed by. Also, before you get sick of my tangents and click away, I want to throw out there that he slept 10 hours on Saturday night. I really just think everyone should know that. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbours. Maybe share it on facebook. Also I think it’s important you know that he has the biggest, goobiest smile and it makes me squawk out the most ridiculous noises. Like a parrot who got hoofed across the room in the middle of a mating call.


He’s the first one of our children who will carry a nickname beyond babyhood, I think. I give my kids beautiful nicknames. All of them get called Babe a lot. Nicole was Porkchop, Porker, Babygirl (but like BabyGuh-rull), Chicken, and a few other ones that I don’t remember because it was five years ago. Olivia was very regularly called My Little Meatball, as in “Hell-LO my little meatball!” in a super perky voice,  once again BabyGur-rull, Chubbamonkey, and Princess. You can see why these may not have been so great after the initial baby phase. Similarly, I call Jackson “my little fatty” and that’s not likely to stick. Chris calls him Junior (Jackson Reid – J.R. – Junior) and Olivia calls him Jackson, Jackie, and JackJack alternately. JackJack fills me with delight, for whatever reason I find it adorable, so I do call him that. In high pitched voices. He makes me talk in high pitched voices. Don’t tell me you don’t want to tell him things in high pitched voiced when you look at that fat little face. I won’t believe you.


I have some more projects I’ve done, I just need to get some photographs. Currently I’m working on doing some handstitched embellishments on the bodice of a little top I’m making for Olivia. I’m going to get Chris to do a little video clip or two of techniques I’m using – blanket stitch on applique and french knots – in case anyone is interested. I’ve got a quilt top made up for her that I’m waiting on the backing for, and I’ve got all the supplies minus the backing (doing matching backings) for the V&Co Houndstooth Quilt I’ve been crushing on forever.


Come back in a few days, though, and I’ll share Olivia’s first painting project, which included her very deliberately painting her nipple neon orange. She’s a free spirit. Also I took in a pair of Nicole’s pants at the waist, which barely counts as anything but they are the coolest pants and I want to share them.

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