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Go-To Sewing Patterns

So as you may or may not have noticed via the little bar on the right there, I’m now an affiliate for Go To Sewing Patterns! These are printable pdf patterns you can buy, many of them ranging from baby to big-big kid sizes. I think that’s great in a pdf… if you cut out your size 3 and you need a 4,5, or 6 later… just print it again! Awesome. Also great for coordination-freaks like my own good self.

So I thought I’d kick off by showing you a few patterns I have on the top of my wishlist. If you make it to the bottom, there’s a discount code too, if any of these patterns makes your heart beat fast and your knees feel weak. (you can get a bigger discount than that if you’re ordering 3+ patterns by hitting up the Discount tab on the site, y’all)

This boy/girl pattern makes me squeal. I have some bright blue stretch something-or-other pantsy fabric I bought to make skinny pants for my girls with no real plan in mind. You can bet your backside that this is one pattern I am definitely ordering. I was going to make my own pattern, but you know what? Someone else did the work for me, and those are some good-looking pants. I also have a pair of stretch jeggings in the color of the pants the little boy is wearing that are wearing a little thin on the thighs (sob. That always happens to me.) that will find new life with this pattern and one of my kids, as well.

This Go-To dress pattern is exactly that. A go-to pattern. Go to again and again. First of all, one million options. Secondly, comfy knit dress/tunic is exactly what my daughter likes to wear right now. With leggings. All the time. Well, she’d wear shirts with leggings but I don’t like her to wear anything that doesn’t cover her bum with the leggings. Start’em young, I always say.


I have had little boys come over to my formerly girl-only house and bring their own cars. This is perfect. The cars go into the pocket and the mat rolls up, and they can take their cars to friends houses, doctors offices, etc.


I love it. The simplicity, the shape, and again, we are big on tunics around here.

This fat dragon makes me super happy. It’s an ‘advanced’ pattern so I won’t even try it. Yesterday I baked two cakes for 40 minutes. And my oven was off. So I mean, I turned the oven back on and baked the cakes for 40 minutes. But really? Seriously? Wow. I’m a superstar.

Couponnnnn!!!!! Happy Fall! Fall is my favourite. The weather is perfect here, not too hot and not too cold and occasionally a rain day to snuggle to. Plus October is my birthday, both my sister-in-law’s birthdays, and also? Canadian thanksgiving! Whoop whoop! And this year… on my birthday… MY NEW KITCHEN WILL BE INSTALLED! I just spent the last four years in a house with a kitchen with no proper drawers, y’all. Most before/after blog posts? The before kitchen was significantly better than mine. Sob. BUT NO LONGER. NAY, NO LONGER. Soon my kitchen will be of legendary proportions. Or, you know. Significantly more attractive, and containing drawers.

2 thoughts on “Go-To Sewing Patterns

  1. Nice! Congratulations with this venture. I have just discovered again that I DO like to sew, after all! The go to dress interests me at this point! Coosje


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