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Refashion–Preschool Graduation

over the next week or so I plan to have a few pre-written blog posts written and scheduled to cover the things I’ve made over the last few months!

I really wanted to make Nicole a dress for her preschool graduation. I like to make her dresses for special occasions, because it makes me feel like that is my loving little contribution, a little something special from me to be with her and make her feel treasured. And lets not kid ourselves, because she loves it so much that it makes me feel like two million bucks.

For preschool graduation, though, I’d been sick and we’d been renovating. Well, we’d actually hired out a large part of that chunk of renovations – and lets not kid ourselves, I did cleanup and that’s about it. I was pretty pregnant at the time, after all. However, true to form, the night before I decided to sit down and do something. So I pulled the sleeves off of the pink shirt from last fall’s family photos (and chopped off the part of the shirt that she had, sob, gotten ballpoint pen on and I couldn’t get off. Then I unpicked the sash and skirt of a dress I’d worn to my brother in law’s wedding. It was getting a bit short for my matronly self, anyways. Okay, so it was more the brazen boobage that was the issue with that dress. And maybe it wasn’t even that brazen but I felt pretty uncomfortably exposed and that’s what matters. But I digress.

Then I attached the two together. The end. Not that complicated. The longest part was definitely unpicking that skirt, which wound up being significantly more trouble than I’d counted on. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to pull off the bodice details as quickly without doing a refashion, but I don’t think I saved myself half as much time as I’d intended to. But I was quite proud of myself when I finished the dress not minutes before the occasion, like I normally do, but actual HOURS. Go me.

My little graduate was proud and excited – the blurry reaction shot says it all – and a little part of me was up there with her as she graduated from preschool. Time to move on to the next chapter… Kindergarten starts next Wednesday!




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