day to day

Oh hey, where’s Laura?

Probably feeding Jackson.

July 28 and August 20, in size newborn Carter’s onesie and 0-3m babyGAP shorts. (which clearly, no, he did not wear for anything but a picture in July) … he went from his birth weight of 6lb 9oz to his current (although its been a few days so who knows) weight of 10 and a half pounds…. in a month. Three pounds of that in the last two weeks. Anyone who tells you breastfed babies don’t get fat is sort of a brick, because that’s 2 out of 3 babies that appeared to be living off of straight cream. If Olivia is any indication, though, once he gets mobile he’ll be a scrawny monkey again. So I’ll have to enjoy nomnomnom-ing him while I can.















And me? Well, here is a picture of me taken a few days ago:

I looked like this once for a few hours in the last month. LOL. Adjusting to three has been a whirlwind! As I explained to Chris, “Some days its like, ‘The house is clean, the kids are in bed, I baked some cookies and froze a batch of pre-scooped dough for another day. Successful day!” and other days it’s like, “Nobody was hospitalized, the house is not on fire, and no day-drinking! Successful day!” (and lets be honest, those pre-scooped cookie dough balls are mostly being consumed straight from the freezer on Is It Bedtime Yet days.) It’s probably rougher because Chris is gone most of the time, but for the most part we start and end the days with a smile. (Granted, the morning smile is ‘glad to see you awake’ and evening is ‘glad to see you finally asleep’)

If you might recall, Chris started his own foundations business last year. The good news is, it’s flourishing – they are super busy. The bad news is, they are super busy. On a good week, Chris makes it home for supper 2 or 3 times from Monday to Saturday, and leaves again after tucking the kids in bed. It’s hard to believe that in a few months it will be –40 and he’ll be stuck at home for three days straight, getting cabin fever and entertaining himself with intellectually stimulating games like I’m Not Touching You.

If you’ve never been privy to that game in the backseat of a car during a family road trip, back before every minivan had a dvd player in back, you used to sit there and Bored Younger Sibling would sit there and carefully get as far into the bubble of Prickly Older Sibling and repeat, “I’m not touching you… I’m not touching you…. I’m not touching you.” Eventually, Prickly Older Sibling would suffer a mental break and attempt to murder Bored Younger Sibling. The vehicle would erupt with violence, Bored Younger Sibling screaming MOOOOM!!! SHE’S HITTING ME! I NEVER TOUCHED HER! SHE STARTED IT!, and mom and dad hollering about pulling this car over. Ah, the good old days. When families communicated.

My girls have been playing that game a lot lately, except they skip the first part and go straight for the brawling. I finally snapped out of my new-baby-no-brain haze and remembered that you have to stay ahead of your kids, not behind, so we’ve been making pink sparkle princess playdough, playing ‘car wash’ with the outside toys, we played with a bucket of rice, they play puppies, and I even decided I value peace more than quiet and have some really annoying musical instrument toys stashed away for fighty days. As long as I have some activities on standby, we seem to have our day go pretty smoothly.

Do you have any suggestions for activities that are good for both a toddler and a kindergartener, but don’t require a lot of adult participation? I’m hoping to find more things that involve me doing setup, and hopefully getting Nicole to help me do cleanup, but where the girls can do the actual activity together themselves while I get some stuff done. Or, more likely…. feed Jackson.

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