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Coming soon to a … monitor near you.

This blog post has been brought to you by the letter “I” for “Ipod Photos”

Okay girls and boys. I’m slacker of a blogger, I know. No Friday Favorites even. Lame. But I’ve been a busy bee in real life. It’s been some things like painting a hallway, meeting with people at Home Depot about my impending kitchen reno, cleaning and recleaning my home and laundry and children. Nothing really worth pulling out the camera for. (Although I confess, I’m tempted sometimes to take a picture every day at the magical moment where I’ve just finished cleaning everything, just to prove half an hour later that it was, in fact, clean.)

I’ve also been working on this. By which I of course mean, napping. No, not really; my sleepy time coincides with Olivia’s wakeup time. Somehow I press on. Mostly I keep forgetting I’m even pregnant. I’m 18 weeks (and a bit) somehow? Normally by now I look like I’m about 7 months pregnant, and I tend to carry like my torso is an egg with bosums on the top. This round I’m sporting more of a ‘I shoved a soccer ball down my shirts’ sort of a look. Until a few weeks ago we all kindof kept forgetting that I was even pregnant because I just looked sort of beer-belly-ish most of the time. Normally I head straight for ‘third trimester’ and work up from there, so it’s an odd thing.


However, in the last few weeks I’ve also created a cute chenille-cut-monogram pillow for Nicole, nearly finished Olivia’s topsy-turvy-squares quilt top, and created a 18m+ backwards-zip sleep sack. Olivia is a bit of a stripper. When placed in bed and faced with the concept of sleeping, she often chooses to rebel by stripping completely naked, occasionally peeing and a few times more. Um, not cool, Olivia. Not cool. So I responded by making her a hugely long sleep sack that zips in the back. I spent a few days anxiously pondering a different way of making sleep sacks from my previous way, and when I finally decided to put my seam ripper beside me and just try it, I was quite pleased to find that I’d found a much more efficient way to create lined zipped sleep sack than what I’ve used in the past.


The topic of Nicole’s old sleep sack came up, which was polarfleece, simple, and used a wide ribbed neckline instead of a zipper so she could just be slipped into it and I didn’t have to face my zipper-fears. Then out of nowhere, this weekend I got a request for a tutorial on that type of sleep sack from someone who’d read a forum post where I’d mentioned it, from years back. So I think I may do a tutorial on both types; I’d had intentions of creating a .pdf pattern in multiple sizes of the zipped sleep sack and selling it, but I think I may just do a tutorial including how to draft your own size. After all, most of what I learned when it comes to making things, I learned from others’ free tutorials!

All I talk about lately is sleep, not sleeping, sleep sacks, and the like. Clearly I have developed an obsession. With sleep. Sleeeeeeep.

2 thoughts on “Coming soon to a … monitor near you.

  1. Somehow my quest for sleep is not going anywhere soon either and my kids are big! Like almost 11 and 13 big! I think it is a Momma thing carried over from the deficit of pregnancy and the early years. Good luck with getting some before this one is born! Very cute sleep sack too by the way.


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