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Oh hi


Nicole got some sticker earrings, play rings, and lip gloss for Christmas. She coated her face in two of those three things one day. I told her she was fancy and took a picture.


It’s really hard to properly convey the amount of lipgloss that was all over her face, but suffice it to say she was quite shiny. (She sure does look tired, I know. It’s a trendy thing around here. More on that later.)

As for me, I know, I dropped off the face of the earth for just over a week. I’m alive. I had a root canal, got puffy and sulky, did a bunch of house work, had company, got tired and sulky, knitted things, cleaned and housework and all that in repetition… you get the picture.

I’m going to give you some stellar advice now, so heed and harken. If you require a root canal, do not schedule it first thing in the morning. I figured I would get it over and done with. It went something like this.

Oh, this isn’t so bad. Freezing helps. Somewhat uncomfortable still, but whatever.

Okay, I’m done. I feel spiffy, I think I’ll pick up a few groceries on the way home. I’m a hero.

Okay, I got a root canal and I don’t get the big deal. I’m going to blindly dither around for the next two hours, completely and blissfully unaware of the pain that’s coming my way when that local anaesthetic wears off. (Please note that spellcheck is not required for me to spell anaesthetic. Applause.)

Okay, so this is starting to hurt. Maybe there’s something to the root canal phobia that gets generated, after all.

Waaah, my face hurts with the hurts of a million hurts and all my teeth feel like they also had root canals because I don’t know, sympathy pains or they are all letting out a rebel yell at the death of their noble comrade.

The rest is less interesting, mostly just me in the fetal position for a few hours, and then dosing on Tylenol and pulling it together to make spaghetti noodles and sauce for supper. (I have a pasta maker. So now I don’t buy noodles. I like to make things more complicated, if I can.) If you got through all that, the moral is, get a root canal at the END of the day so you can go straight to bed afterwards.

That aside, this week’s big project is a big old room swaparoo. For a while now we’ve been facing the grim reality of the fact that while our girls love sharing a room, it’s a bit of a nightmare.

Olivia wakes up crying at 3am, Nicole the light sleeper also wakes up. Tired Nicole.

Tired Nicole is also Naughty Nicole. Naughty Nicole throws a fit at bedtime after they’re both tucked in, because she knows that if she yells I will be quite ticked off because then Olivia will wake up and/or not fall asleep.  Tired Olivia. Frustrated Mommy.

Tired Olivia goes to bed ridiculously early the next day, leading to her waking up ridiculously early and waking up Nicole. Tired Nicole. Tired Mommy. Frustrated Tired Mommy.

Cycle of DOOM!

So, Chris’ office is 90% moved into my craft room, which temporarily renders it unusable, but I’m going to make it work so we can share the space. We just both have to work hard to keep it clean. It’s going to be a rough ride but guess what? I’ll have so much more sleep and less frustration – THEORETICALLY – that I will be able to take on anything.*

So then we will be finishing the flooring and closet in that room, repainting it a neutral color just in case we decide to move this summer, and moving Nicole in. By week’s end, hopefully.



*I am fully willing to acknowledge that I may or may not be a pregnant hormonal mess who cries about anything and more sleep won’t likely adjust that much because I did get a decent sleep Saturday night but that didn’t stop me from tearing up when the minister prayed for the expectant mothers in the congregation and how they get tired and I was like YEAH I GET TIRED and teared up and then got all annoyed that I tear up over everything… and then got so annoyed over tearing up over everything that I teared up over tearing up over everything. But I got it together before the prayer was over so that’s our little secret. Just you, me, and the internet.

One thought on “Oh hi

  1. Those pictures are just the sweetest thing . . . looks like something I would have done as a little girl, too. No such thing as too much sparkle!

    I'm so sorry about your poor teeth 😦 I haven't ever had a root canal (yet! knock on wood!) and I really hope I don't ever need one after reading this. I hope things pick up and you're feeling top notch again soon!


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