I’m a knitting machine!

I can only assume that, like some sort of disease, knitting is contagious. I used to do knitting, when Nicole was just born. I jumped into it with both feet, starting off with a baby sweater. Things went swimmingly (despite my fear of cables) until I tried to knit a beautiful brown sweater for myself in a bamboo yarn. It took me a year of picking up and putting down (because I’d pause for a few months here and there) because it was a really fine gauge yarn. When I finally finished, the sweater was drapey, lovely, yummy looking. And absolutely positively did not suit my figure, at all. I was traumatized. I’ve barely picked up my needles since.

Pinned Image

Then I repinned this little vest pattern, and a friend commented that she’d knit it and it was a quick, simple, lovely knit. Feeling bold, I knit it up for Olivia. Having made it too small, I made it again. This time it was a bit roomy but perfect, in my opinion. I had deliberately made it a bit long so it would last a long time. And then Nicole stole it and claimed it as her own, and because she’s kind of a twig, and the vest was made a bit roomy and long, it actually fit her. I did enjoy myself, and noted that knitting is quite good for watching Shows. But it was supposed to be a one-time deal.

More recently, Shannon finished her Adult Mallory Cowl pattern. “Well, that looks pretty simple.” I thought to myself. “I bet I could find my big-girl pants and make that.” Then I filed it away in my brain / Pinterest forever. OR DID I? No, the stars aligned. I won the ability to choose a WagJag deal from www.bargainmoose.com and the only thing that interested me was a $60 credit to www.knitca.com … soon after, there was yarn on its way. Lots and lots of yarn. “I can just crochet with the rest of it when I’m done the Mallory,” I thought to myself.


some of my lovelies; the first is already my cowl 

But no. I finished the Mallory up lickity-split. (stars have not aligned for that photo yet. I even put on makeup yesterday, and straightened my hair today. But no, not yet. On the bright side I look 57% better than normal lately.) And something was lit up inside of me. Something about those rows of little v’s… they called to me. My first love is still crochet, and I do have this pattern started, but then Olivia and my couch conspired together to have the hook go missing. I need to start buying doubles of my hooks, because is it just me, or do hooks go missing 600% more often than knitting needles? They fall out of your work so much easier. (although I’d cry if my kids pulled my needles out of my work. I’m pregnant, I can cry over whatever I want to cry over.)

So now until I have either found the missing hook or bought a new one, I’m starting up on this pattern. Both sweaters are for Nicole, but seriously, I know for sure that provided she doesn’t mutilate it, items knitted for her can be passed down to the next little girl. We may be betting on team pink, but I’ll still reach for the size four pattern first. Not to mention if I make something for Olivia she’s like “Oh clothes, can I rip them off easily to be free and naked? No? Then it’s not exciting.” Whereas for Nicole she’s so excited she’ll steal things from Olivia and stretch them to fit.


And if you’re wondering, pink. It’s all pink. I have some grey yarn and good intentions but the public cries out for pink. And the public includes daddy, of course. (the first pink yarn pictured is for this one, the second is for the flower bolero.)

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