Hey everyone, I know I had teased about posting about the sewing project Nicole and I did the other day and said it would go up today.

However, I’m not feeling the blogging today; today my cousin’s little baby girl, Hailey, in in surgery. As I type this, the surgeon is operating on her tiny little heart. It’s been a long hard road of ups and downs for her and her family since she’s been born, and the goal along the road has been to get her healthy and strong for this surgery. She was flown in to Vancouver last week after the local doctors had determined that there was nothing more they could do for her here and it was time to head there for her surgery.

Say a little prayer for her and her family (mom, dad, and big brother) today, if you well. So far everything is going well, and there are so, so many prayers going up today that this surgery will go great and that she can be on track for a ‘normal’ life… no more tubes, IVs, or hospitals.


So I thought I posted this when I wrote it, but I didn’t; so I’ll give you the update. The surgery is complete, things went well with very little by the way of complications. If all goes well in the healing process, hopefully the family will be headed home in no time!

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