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P52 2012 – Hard At Work


This week I had a project in mind for Nicole and I. She’s always asking me to sew for her lately, ever since I made her the Christmas dress. I’m quite pleased, don’t get me wrong, but it occurred to me to sew something WITH her. When I told her she was going to sew a skirt, she asked for the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love ( referral link) with excitement. I handed over the book, but gently told her that while she could definitely look for inspiration, for her first sewing project we were going to go for something a little simpler. And I’ll share more about that on Monday’s crafty post!

Look at me all following a pattern. Crafty on Monday, free days Tuesday and Wednesday, P52 on Thursday, and Friday Favourites on Saturday. Kidding. Anyways, we’ll see how long it lasts, but I’m happy with the structure so far… a little planning and structure around here has been a long time coming!

If you’re a blogger, do you follow a schedule, or go with the flow? And either way, do you think I’m crazy for wanting to ease into sewing with my 4 year old? She’s not into Zhu Zhu Pets or Barbies – although she loves LaLaLoopsy mini figures – but crafting is where her heart lies. Do you craft with your kids? Or do you leave crafts for school?

2 thoughts on “P52 2012 – Hard At Work

  1. okay, so I keep wanting to comment on like every post I read here. which, since yesterday, has been quite a lot. you crack me up! and virtually every post I'm all “uh huh, yes I totally agree I shall now leave a 500 word comment” buuut…I'm on my phone and it drives me crazy like 6 ways from Sunday (and WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?) crazy to leave comments using my phone because I think so much faster than I can type on this dumb thing…Grrr.
    SO-in summation:, love your blog, following and reading way far back, yes I try to craft with my kids but I am a horrible mom who usually takes over. I consider it my own personal victory to sit and allow them to smush all the playdoh into some vaguely brownish purple lump. ugh. gives me the shivers just thinking about it.
    ok, now I'm done.


  2. My kids are OBSESSED with 'helping' me craft. hah. They sort scraps, pick patterns, request a million different dress-up accessories. Much of the time I'll put them to work at the kitchen table with their own 'project' if only to get a hem or two sewn… It just kills me to see how proud they are when they finish a project. My youngest is four and I've let her tool around on her sisters little pink plastic Singer and she loves it, so I say go for it!


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