Friday Favourites

I think you should all know that the song in my head right now is The Little Peoples rendition of “Music is to dance to, if you like to dance, me I like to dance each time I have a chance… like a ballerina or a hip hop diva…” actually, now that I think about it, I suspect that is a Little Peoples original. Anyways, now that you have that critical information in your minds, lets move forward.


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I know I shared a link with you in the Christmas Dress post to a peasant top tutorial that spans many sizes, but that involves creating your own pattern. If using a pattern is more in your comfort zone, this sweet little 0-3 m Peasant Dress pattern will be right up your alley,and a darling baby gift.


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Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Depending on how recently I’ve birthed a child and the amount of energy that tends to be directly proportional to the activity of said child, in the opposite direction. This year, Olivia is climbing on tables and continuing to defy death on the regular, so maybe not… but then again, this chain of hearts is so charming, I might just shove her in the pack’n’play and go to town. (I have no idea what the original site says, at all. For all I know it’s a string of chinese cuss symbols. In which case, my bad.)


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I am all about charming today, I guess. Doesn’t this just make you smile? It just makes me smile. This is another foreign site, I have no idea what those Brits are saying, either. Juuuuust kidding. This link is a via but credit where credit is due… from the link you can find the etsy shop of the crafty lady who makes these little charmers. Sigh. I’ll take the sewing machine sewing kit and the red/turquoise bunting makeup bag, plus the embroidery hoop art of course…


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More bunting! I am the last person to jump on the bunting bandwagon… that or I just needed the buntings to get really, really tiny. I do love tiny things. And ruffles! Guys, this cake (link is to a roundup of cakes) wouldn’t even be that hard. A medium consistency buttercream icing in pure white to do the ruffles from the bottom up, after icing and smoothing both cakes… the same tip to do the white ‘ribbon’ line around the bottom of the upper tier… and then dowels. The bunting looks to be bakers twine hand stitched through bunting.



Oh, you guys. You know Katy Dill always has a winner up her sleeve, and this sleeve is no exception. Even better, this is actually a tutorial for a cute little cross-over bodice shirt. For some reason it took me until the last pictures to realize this shirt was for one of her baby Dills (I know, that picture is kind of a giveaway, but I only noticed the sleeve. I’m a little excitable, you’d be surprised to hear.) and I got quite excited about the thought to make it into a maternity shirt. And you know what? I still may. A crossover top, cute little ruched sleeves, and then just toss some extra room into the front of the empire-waist top with either gathers or pleats… I like it. Probably gathers to go with the sleeves. I have a nice, flowy black and white knit large-print floral. Say that ten times fast. Anyways, hey ho lets go. Maybe next weeks project? And I know, not all of you sew and those of you that don’t are probably all like SUUUUUUURE dear, whatever you say. Sorry. Here’s food again:


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This is The Pioneer Woman’s Beef Stew with Beer and Paprika. No, wait, let me finish before you stampede over there. I haven’t made this yet, I bought all the ingredients I knew I didn’t have onhand and I marked it on the calendar to make yesterday and got terribly excited. I didn’t buy beef because I have a large portion of a cow in my chest freezer, and I didn’t buy beer because I requested a manfolk (there are two here) do that. When I went to go grab the beef to defrost, I realized that basically all I have left are Tbone steaks and ground beef. Not helpful. I also did not have beer. I could have just picked up beer, but I didn’t want to make two stops when I had thought I’d have a stay-at-home day. I explained to my hubby that I didn’t have beer or beef, and Stew With And Paprika sounded much less appetizing. So we ordered pizza. The end. Now I hope to make it this weekend. Wish me luck, and have a great weekend!

What’s your favourite recipe? What do you like better… tiny things, or oversized things?

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