Yes, Ryan Gosling. Yes you may.


By @katiecanavan

Yes you may give me a hand massage.

I know, everyone and their dog has been reposting these handmaderyangosling memes. I just can’t resist this one, it’s my favourite.

Reason one: Of course Ryan Gosling can give me a hand massage. That’s a given. If Ryan Reynolds would treat me to a nice lunch and then go fabric shopping with me and hold all the bolts, then my day would be pretty much complete.

Reason two: Egads, after 6 hours of crocheting – which I have definitely done, more than once – ‘a hand massage’ is the best three words you could possibly say. Unless you’re saying, “I bet you could sure use a hand massage.” and then walking away, in which case, you’re probably evil and possibly my husband.

Reason three: I always love a hand massage. Last weekend my hubby randomly surprised my girlfriend and I with a spa trip for a massage and pedicure  (things like this totally null out his Dark Side, which was noted in reason 2), and I always forget until the middle of the massage that when they say ‘any areas in particular’ I should say ‘80% hand massage please and thankyou’ because quite honestly, that’s my favourite. Possibly quite a waste of a massage, but yes. Hand massage. Yesssssss.

One thought on “Yes, Ryan Gosling. Yes you may.

  1. For me it is my scalp. My hairdresser is the BEST EVER at scalp massages (and believe me, I have tried out a lot of hairdressers). When she told me she was pregnant and leaving in March, I wanted to scream “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!?!?”. OK, not really, but pretty close 😉


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