In the Bedroom

So, I have never ever ever in my long-legged life met a long-legged sailor with a long-legged wife. Among other things I haven’t experienced, I also have never wound up properly decorating my master bedroom, not since I moved out of my parents home.

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definitely not my bedroom; found via pinterest, but the source link is just a jpeg, let me know if you know who to credit

In our apartment, my roommate decorated our room with a classic Spongebob Squarepants motif. (Her tastes have changed since then and her current master bedroom is, in my opinion, enviable.) Since then, I’ve made somewhat of an effort from time to time, but it’s always wound up at the bottom of the list. However, soon we are going to be painting the room and redoing the flooring, and then it is game on.

Currently, I have a closet organizer, which is yay. I have two bulky bedside tables that are too short for our bed (we have a pillowtop mattress) and too big for the smallish space. I have a mismatched dresser and mirror, which need to go. I am happy with our pretty new bedding, which is light blue sheets with a chocolate brown oversized comforter and pillows in both shades, all subtly striped with matte and sheen. Our bed itself, however, rests on the metal bed thing with wheels they throw in for free sometimes when you buy mattresses. So no actual bed in per se.

Basically, clean slate.

So far, what I’m looking at is grey for the walls. I have a large can of light grey, and a small can of a darker grey I’d like to use for an accent wall, perhaps something like below. Aaaand that’s about it.


I have some projects I definitely plan on doing. Curtains, for one. Another is a diy upholstered headboard, something like the below picture/tutorial, but with a less enthusiastic arch.

Pinned Image

For the color palette, I’m really loving the one below, it incorporates the colors that I am loving and the things that I do have on hand very nicely. It wouldn’t be hard to push that last color over to a chocolate brown.

Pinned Image

So, what I am wondering is, does anyone know a line of fabric that I should take a look at that to make said curtains and headboard? I want something classic, in these colors (the first blue on the left above is basically the color of my sheets, the grey is pretty much the wall color) and not too overly feminine. (that’s a lie. feminine away.)

And also, where do I buy tall, skinny, curvy bedside tables to love and cherish forever and ever that don’t cost a gazillion dollars? Everything I’m finding is too darn short.

6 thoughts on “In the Bedroom

  1. LOL, my old friend spongebob. I had thought that I had gotten rid of everything spongebob until a few days ago I was organizing our tv stand drawer and found an old CD, haha. Tempted to chuck it but thought maybe Lucas might like it 😉
    Love love love the colours you are going with for your master bedroom, especially your idea for the accent wall – it's going to look great!


  2. Love the pics, esp. the first room! I'd check homesense. Or winners. Sucks cause you have to check regularly cause stock changes, but they have a large variety of selection and styles. Good luck! Can't wait to see the end results!


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