Friday Favourites

Ah, at long last! The triumphant return!

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Starting off with something that gave me a good chuckle. Shannon posted this tutorial the morning that I had been pondering to myself, as I shaved my legs, how I could figure out a way to make JanuHairy happen. If we have to moan our way through Movember for a cause, surely men could try to hold back their gag reflexes while we french braid our leghairs. But I guess the cup cozy wouldn’t be as charming.


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A cup of coffeecake in under five minutes? I haven’t made this yet, it’s too soon post-Christmas. But the very idea makes my eyes widen in childlike joy and wonder.


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Speaking of how soon after Christmas it is. I’ve always waited until it got absolutely ridiculous, then tossed most of my Christmas photo cards with sorrow and remorse, because I couldn’t think of anything else to do with them. To hole punch and jump ring them… brilliant! Starting this year, this happens at my house.


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Guys, yes, this is my own two hour buns recipe. Or rather, it’s my moms two hour buns recipe. But I have been thinking about it a lot lately. My mom used to make this on Sunday afternoons, and for supper on Sundays we would have warm fresh buns smeared with butter and jam, or homemade submarine buns. Yum. When I was flipping through some old stuff, I could help but pin it so I’d remember to make it again soon. With Nicole’s help, of course. (look at how little. Cuuuute.)


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I stumbled on this on Pinterest, and it’s a bit terrible but it has me rolling a bit as well. In case you don’t ‘get’ it, the heart is one of those colorblindness tests. If my friend Teresa were to see it, all she would see is “I<3 the colorblind!'” … but she would also see the dots and feel incredibly suspicious. Perhaps part of the reason this is so funny to me is because back in school, she would cast suspicious glances at us over colorblindness tests, unsure if there really was a 5 hidden in that circle of dots or if we were just pulling her leg. Meanwhile, we always kind of wondered if she really couldn’t see that 5 or she was just pulling OUR legs.

I’m secretly quite cruel, apparently.


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This book is next on my list of books to order. Soon, precious. Soon. I secretly hope someone will buy it for me but the odds of that are –0.1% so maybe you should buy some of my recommended books over on the right there so I can earn a wee bit towards more books. I can’t recommend them if I don’t own them, kids.


I hope you enjoyed this long-overdue installment of Friday Favourites. I hope it was as completely random and helter-skelter as you remembered it. Except for the theme week. I could probably do more theme weeks if that’s a preference, but then again I don’t know how I could fit a cruel joke against the colorblind into a theme week.

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