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So, there’s a few tiny little tweaks still being taken care of, but the new layout is pretty much done, taken care of, finito. The links are working, the layout is cleaner, and I’ve added another banner to the top. Sorry if it bugs you, but there’s just the one on the top and the one on the side. No biggie, hm? The gorgeous layout is the work of Erika aka The Fairy Blogmother, and she’s blessed with eternal patience as she dealt with my little OCD tweaks with speed and grace.


Feel free to poke around and let me know what you think! Among other things, I updated the About Us page a bit, and there’s a nav bar on the top now.

Something else we’ve been doing lately… is our floor! Also our girl’s bedroom. Take a peek!


For clarification, that’s a shitzhu, not a fur bolster pillow. Close, though.
I loved the multi-toned flooring we put in my craft room so much that we decided to put it throughout our entire main floor. We aren’t totally done yet, just the livingroom, hall, and girls room. A bit at a time!


Same flooring, different lighting. Oh, hey, speaking of how I loved things in my craft room, we used the exact same paint in this room as well. Brings the total of Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua rooms in my house to yes, count them, three. However, the room I painted this color to be Olivia’s nursery is now Chris’ office and will not stay that color.


Since I took this photo, bubblegum pink curtains have been added. We also had to shove Olivia’s crib the other way since she kept turning the light on, so now the room looks like a crazy cluttered crowded mess. We’ll fix it, we just need a moment to activate our problem-solving skills. Right now they’re being employed by lying the kitchen chairs under the table and placing others on top of said table.

That’s right… Olivia figured out how to climb the chairs, and onto the table, and now spends her time laughing in the face of death and giving us constant panic attacks. So, if you think your kitchen is messy, I ask you… is there a chair on top of your table, and a box on top of the chair, and a camera on top of that? No? Well, it’s looking better than mine, then.

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