Project 52 -2012


For today’s Project 52, I wanted to try something and I wanted to capture something specific. What I wanted to capture was this Amaryllis that Nicole and I planted late November. It took forever to bloom, but suddenly it’s just gorgeous and enthusiastic. Too enthusiastic, maybe… the plant is falling over with it’s own weight! What I wanted to try was taking a picture right against a window, which completely destroys my reliance on metering. This isn’t the most amazing picture of a flower ever, I really need to work on my still life photography. I’m determined to buy a new lens this month, too. I can’t use my manual focus 50mm very well in low light situations AT ALL, so I’m using my kit lens and it’s just not the same. I haven’t upgraded my equipment in a year and a half (which is when I bought my DSLR) aside from buying a cheap adaptor to use a hand-me-down lens with my camera, so I think it’s about time!

I’m not really one for resolutions in per se. I mean, self improvement is always a good idea, but I tend to come up with ‘resolutions’ year round. However, January being the beginning of the year, it does lend itself to new beginnings. One thing I am restarting on trying is Project 52. I kind of let it go by the wayside last year, but this year I’m taking a different approach. I’m trying to have a schedule for it,and put thought ahead of time into what I want to take a picture of instead of just picking a photo from the last week.

I’m also hoping to have more of a schedule to the blog. I’m hoping to bring back Friday Favorites, do Project 52 on Thursdays,  and then I’m thinking one day will be a craft/project, perhaps a recipe another day. We’ll see what happens, I was hoping to start getting up earlier to do that but this morning when I tried I felt sick!


Here’s a bit of a pullback from that shot. Probably technically a better shot (this one is unedited) now that I think about it, but shows a bit of clutter. My awesome handyMan installed a shelf under my kitchen window where a tiny ledge had been previously. Then he took a leaf out of my book and filled it with Found Objects from around the house. I’m giving it a bit of time before I rearrange it 😉 And yes, that’s a giant coffee cup planter.

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