So after a few forays into DIY beauty that I just loved, I resolved to keep a few nice jars onhand for making and gifting sugar scrubs. It came in quite handy for teacher gifts for Christmas, and would also make a great gift for a girlfriend’s birthday, a get well soon, or a thinking of you or cheer up buttercup kind of gift.


When making a simple, inexpensive gift like a sugar scrub, presentation goes a long way. Including making the scrub (and enough for a jar for myself as well) and the packaging, I spent about half an hour total for two gifts. Not bad at all. In this case, I added a tag and a charm to each jar (the tag had the label ‘Nicole’s Sweet Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub’ since it was gifts for her preschool teacher, and she helped me make the scrub) and tied it on with twine. The jars were either 25 or 50 cents each, I can’t recall, at my local Salvation Army Store. They had a while aisle of these little jars, new, and I think intended for either candles or something along this line.


The gift bags are brown paper bags you can buy dirt cheap in the craft section at Walmart, stamped with brown ink and Close To My Heart stamps. I’m out of the bags and am going to stock up on more, they are just perfect, classy little gift bags! Plus super cheap and you can stamp them to match your gift, or party. These were leftovers from the treat bags from Olivia’s birthday party, actually! I would have liked to stuff the bags with brown tissue paper, but I had none onhand. I need to make a list of things to pick up so I can have packaging ready to go. When you have everything onhand and a simple, basic format in mind, you’re much more likely to go the extra mile. And the extra mile is almost the most fun, don’t you think?

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