A Little Pink Stool

To be honest, I can’t really take all that much credit for this project. I saw a little wooden stool at Michaels marked down to six bucks, and I couldn’t say no. I’ve been on the hunt for one for Nicole to use in the bathroom for ages now.


I suggested that this be a Nicole-and-Papa project, to give them a little together time. Nicole requested to paint the stool pink, and Chris picked out this shade all on his lonesome. Together they primed the stool, then painted it. I found this butterfly-wand vinyl sticker when I was cleaning up my craft room, Nicole gave her thumbs up, and Chris applied it. Easy-peasy.


Speaking of  vinyl stickers. We repainted Nicole and Olivia’s room this weekend, and there were both Wallies and vinyl stickers in there. Now, here is my little pearl of wisdom for you. If you’re torn between wallies and vinyl stickers, and you’re leaning towards wallies…. you are wrong. Unless you are never going to redecorate that room covered in flowers/basketballs/dolphins… and you hate humanity and want to make the person who gets the house after you hate you a little… go for the vinyl. Okay, to be honest, it took maybe an hour to get all the wallies down. But all of five minutes for the vinyl stickers, and there were many more of those, AND I can use them again.


I’ll get off my pedestal now.

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