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Sugar, Sugar…


The other week Nicole and I whipped up some Sugar Cookies. We always do hearts, apparently. Well, the heart cutters are the ones always in my drawer, and I didn’t feel like digging around for something more seasonal. And Christmas is about LOVE. Plus there are snowflakes on our light blue cookies. It’s very wintery.


When Olivia gets enthusiastic about taking bites of things, she closes her eyes, makes this face, and wags her head back and forth. Sometimes she also scrunches her nose with excitement. She is our true blue goof, just a dork to the very core.


Who’s that hiding in the couch? Why yes, that is Brother Who Lives In The Basement, aka Uncle AJ. Once again, he didn’t look pretty so he hid from the camera. Yes, he is The Fonz.

Things have been crazy at my house lately! Chris has a fire under his bum for renovations, and we’ve got half the upstairs re-floored. He’s hoping to renovate the kitchen in the next two months, and redo the flooring and repaint in the office and our master bedroom as well. Then we’ll decide to either list the house and aim for something bigger (there are definite downsides to rooming a one year old with a four year old, let me tell you.  Most of them between 7pm and 7am.) outside of the city (Chris could use some acreage to keep his work stuff so he doesn’t have to rent space.) or option b, live in the house until spring 2013 and list it then. Either option sounds exciting to me! And busy. We’ll be DIYing most of the way!

2 thoughts on “Sugar, Sugar…

  1. hahaha! Loooove huh? My sole cookie cutter is dog bone shape – and why I have it I do not know. I just bought a whole set of plastic ones for a family member – and stole one from the package to make circles! they'll never know! 'Tis the season of sharing, right?


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