day to day

Peekaboo, I see you!

Why yes, I am still kicking it, and as usual I’m hoping to get back into a crafting and blogging routine soon. I have been up to a few projects, both sewing and home decor, and I’m tackling my craft room (which hasn’t been cleaned properly since this one year old was born!!)


So hopefully after the holiday crazies are over I’ll be back in action. Hopefully! Anyways, did you catch what I said there? This little monster is ONE! I kept her bday party very low-key because unlike her SOCIAL BUTTERFLY big sister, Olivia is actually pretty shy. IMG_0135

As it was, even with a small, small party she was a bit overwhelmed for most of it, and only started warming up near the end! Ah well, even with family gatherings she tends to be that way… although she is getting used to the little crowd at her Grandma and Grandpa’s house!


Olivia is very goofy, VERY goofy. Silliness, of course, runs in the family… but Olivia still has cannot close mouth when excited syndrome. She’s doomed to be a dork forever… not the worst fate, I don’t mind it at all! 😉 This particular picture is not Can’t Close Mouth face. It’s Maniacal Cackle face.


Nicole is a bit silly herself, but generally speaking is a lot more confident and rambunctious. Sometimes a little bit TOO confident, if you ask me… she can be a lot to handle, for her peers as well! She rolls with the boys. My little jock ballerina tomboy girlypants. Gotta love her. Nicole is just unabashedly Nicole, and I hope she always is!


Early November we went to a little costume party… Olivia wore a tutu and refused to stay still long enough for photos, and Nicole was a fairy! We have face paints (the paint kind) and around here, we love to play with them. So we pulled them out for the fairy. And of course, the glitter.


She was a fairy for a preschool dress up day last year, too… girl likes an excuse to put on some wings and have glitter in her hair! Can’t say I blame her!  And we definitely love the braids trend around here, what a pretty way to keep Nicole’s hair out of her face. And in particular, her mouth! She drives me nuts with her hair-chewing. I keep threatening to chop it but we braid it instead.


Yes, lets take a moment to admire my ghetto-fabulous chipped up hand-me-down microwave hutch. Aaaaand moving on.

Now, granted, these photos were taken with flash, which I don’t normally use. That could make a difference. However, they are taken a month apart… is it just me, or did Olivia GROW this last month?! The pictures above, she still looks fairly Baby. These pictures, however, are definitely a toddler! She has a good thick head of hair on her, my little one. Not from me… Nicole got my hair and it took about three years before I had any hope it would thicken up past baby-hair fine!


Aaaand this is the face that follows me around all day. WHATCHA DOOOIN?! (I’m not sure what my flash did to the rest of the room…)

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