Oh, just so excited!

I just got the sneak peek of the family pictures we had done this weekend, and I am just so excited about them that I have to share! Click the below picture to see the rest at Amy’s blog. If you’re looking for a photographer in Southern Manitoba, Amy does a great job. She’s fun and friendly and easygoing. And my kids loved her and totally worked the camera for her, you don’t see any of that going on when MY camera comes out!

Confession: I have no pictures of my ten month old up in my house. However, the second I get this DVD to my house I am printing this particular picture in HUGE and hanging it up! I love the colors and the feel, Amy suggested this particular spot to sit and it turned out delicious!

(Once you get to Amy’s blog, click a photo and the rest will come up in a slideshow)


The hat Nicole is wearing in some other pictures is one I bought secondhand for $3 and I whipped up the flower for it the morning of the pictures with, I’m not gonna lie, various scraps of fabric and tulle from my craft room floor. Tadaa! You’d never guess it was trash-to-treasure. On the DVD there will be pictures where Olivia is wearing a brown crochet hat with a similar clip, different flower and only one though. She was slightly less willing to wear her hat than Nicole was, ha.

My slliiiiiiiightly OCD self put an obscene amount of a bit of time and thought into the color scheme. The outfits for the girls were bought for Sunday clothes and for fall pictures but everything else was just scrounged up from the house to compliment the girls’ outfits, the feel of them, and while we decided on this location last minute I kind of had it in the back of my head all along and suggested it to my hubby a few times… We shot the pictures at the beautiful home of a family friend, just perfect for pictures, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Oh, just so excited!

  1. When the alarm clock rang, I was eager for the new day. Then I read this blog. It was disappointing. Frankly, I don't believe you should ever be let near another keyboard again. If this is the kind of stuff you produce, it's better that you shut up.


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