Welcome to the Zoo

So I was sitting around staring at my kids the other day, admiring how well behaved they are (no, not really) and suddenly I decided to make a Chin Person. You know, where you put eyes on your chin and hang your head upside down with a tshirt over your eyes and nose and talk like a dork? No? Don’t leave me hangin’, here.


Anyways, so that was an epic failure because both the kids just tried to hit me and smear my lipstick all over my chin. I know, right? Apparently eyes covered = human piñata.

So then since I had the facepaint out anyways, I decided to make Nicole into a lion. This one was a huge success. Nicole chased Olivia around the house rawring and ‘eating’ her. And then I spent entirely too much time making myself into a mime/clown, and then Olivia stared at me for a moment, then acted like she was okay with it until I got close enough. Then she lunged and scratched me across the face so hard she scratched the makeup clean off across my face. And this is that paint type of makeup that dries dry, so yes, ouch.

On the bright side, we found a bottle solution for my picky younger child. Formula from concentrate + drop in liner type of bottle + latex nipple*, NOT silicone. Picky, picky, picky. However, she is all ‘where have you been all my life’ about the combo, and while I’m still not planning to wean her completely yet (nor does she have an inclination to, every so often she makes it clear she’d like to nurse) she and I are quite glad we have come to this little compromise.



*(hello, creepy men from google search. This is not the latex + nipple combo you were looking for. Sorry.)

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