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point all your fingers here


I took this photograph at the beginning of the month. Why yes, that is my coffee machine SHOOTING SCALDING WATER INTO THE AIR. The situation has not yet been remedied and I will point all “uh hi, why are you not blogging?”  fingers here. Also, I have been getting my house in order to prep for fall/preschool/biblestudy/meetings/etc aka busy busy coming up very soon… and trying to housetrain Olivia. Mostly that one. She chewed up the pointy tip of my favourite shoes. I bought them in June so they’re by far the shiniest thing in my shoe collection, and while not very expensive, I have a hard time finding nice shoes for my creepy long-toed feet and thusly this is kind of a personal tragedy. Of course it had to be the toe of a pair of pointy toed shoes. *shakes fist at the skies in general*


Fastest little drunken-monkey walker there ever was. That was 8.5 months old, which was, yes, three weeks ago, thanks for reminding me how behind I am. She was more drunken monkey and less fast then, actually. Now still walks like a drunkard, but she is getting faster. I am still fastest, thankfully.

Some of her other hobbies include: tearing up flyers, grabbing anything she can reach off the table, trying to eat the dog’s food, trying to empty the dog’s water to splash in, trying to splash in the toilet, swearing baby swears at me while I hypocritically ‘play in the toilet’ with the toilet brush, trying to bullride the vacuum cleaner, jumping on other babies, running into things, running over things, running through things. Poking things with other things, trying to eat small objects, trying to eat large objects. Trying to feed things to people/babies/toys via eyeballs. Trying to bullride our shit zhu. Trying to feed our shit zhu to lull her into a false sense of security so she can be tackled to the ground and ridden.


Bless our shit zhu for her eternal patience and for licking little fingers when what she really wants to do is bite them, by the way. RUN, LILY, RUNNNN!


I know. How can this cute little bitty be the mobile menace I claim she is?

Also, Chris is picking up a bear today. For decorative purposes. Like, a real live one, minus the live part. I’m pretty zen about it because it’s going to live… uh, I mean, not live… in our friends’ house. No, they both want it to be there and are quite excited. My friend Rachel will somehow make it look chic instead of ‘dead bear on wall’ because she can make a handful of weeds, some rocks, and a beer can look like an expensive floral decoration. No lie.

Oh wait. It got here before I hit publish. Behold.


The children are enthralled.

And I apologize for my ipod photos. Haaaa. Lazy month, photographically speaking.

UPDATE: Okay, the bear is actually going to live in my house ‘for a while’ apparently. We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “point all your fingers here

  1. You crack me up, seriously! She really tries to ride the dog?!??

    I would not be able to function without coffee. I would be a walking zombie. Well, you know how I feel about coffee, we keep pinning each others coffee themed prints 🙂


  2. Hi,

    I was on Pinterst when I cam across this quote about coffee:

    I wanted to add it to a post I was drafting on my blog and when I traced the quote, it brought me to your site. I respect your wishes to be notified about using your content, so I did link it back to your blog, but I don't know the post it came from. When the image is clicked, it goes to your blog and I've added a caption about where it's from as well.

    Just wanted to let you know!

    Have a great one!


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