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Summertime, and the Living is Thrifty–Lindsay of Cottage Home

Lindsay is another one of those bloggers who make me want to go click around her blog sighing dreamily and sipping tea. Her aethetic is just so sweet and girly and yummy. Everything my life is, in my imaginary postcard-world, the one that has me buying way too many white clothes and the resulting megasize boxes of Oxiclean. Speaking of clothes, Lindsay is coming out with some sewing patterns soon, and I’m ridiculously excited. I just bought a new bucket of Oxiclean and my stash is ready, it’s game on when those babies come out. Booyeah.
I’m actually busy blatantly stealing taking inspiration from the adorable birthday party she just threw for her 2 year old cutie. Tulle tied around mason jars? Sign me up, I love drinking out of mason jars. The thriftiest drinking glasses ever and I think they’re super cute! Speaking of super cute, this project is for a BABY! I have to giggle and think of the movie Gnomeo and Juliet, by the way. (Nicole’s current favourite, beating out even Tangled.) It has this pun in it.
Hi!  My name is Lindsay from The Cottage HomeCooking. Sewing. Crafting. And All Things Domestic.  Thank you so much for inviting me to play in this fun, thrifty series! 
I love being able to reuse and repurpose items and what I love even more is when I can make something for free!  I am a mama to two little girls and expecting baby #3 (a boy) in about a month and a half.  I’ve got baby boy on the brain so I came up with The Little Man Gown to share with you all today.
I’ve been meaning to make a little something for this new bundle of joy that is due to arrive very soon, but just haven’t had the time to sit down and actually get it done.  I’m sure you can imagine that with two girls, we have a lot of pink in our house.  I love baby gowns, but we really didn’t have any that would be appropriate for this little guy.

My husband recently left a stack of old t-shirts in my studio that he was done wearing.  He said before he put them in the “donate” pile, he thought I might want to make something out of them (he knows me pretty well).  The shirt above is kind of a joke.  We used to have a really awesome six-toed, boy cat named George.  Brett would always call him a mushroom and one day I asked him, “why?”.  He said it was because he was such a “Fun Guy”……..get it? Funghi? Well, anyway, George passed away at the young age of 3, but when I saw this shirt I knew I had to buy it in honor of our late “Fun Guy”.  Brett wore it as an undershirt a few times to humor me, but it isn’t quite his style.  I thought this would be really cute for the new little man coming into our lives.

I decided to turn this t-shirt into a baby gown.  You could certainly use this tutorial to make a recycled baby girl gown too, but since I have boys on the brain, I’m calling it “The Little Man Gown“.  Oh, and the best part about this gown is that if you use a shirt/supplies you already have – it’s almost free!!  That’s being pretty thrifty, right?

Click HERE to view the full tutorial.
If you’re looking for some other thrifty tutorials, check out some of these projects previously seen on The Cottage Home………..
Again, thanks for the invite, Laura – it’s been fun!!

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