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Friday Favourites–Thrifty Edition!


I missed Friday Favourites last week. But it’s back on track and this week, going with the theme, we have a Thrifty Roundup! And at the very bottom I have a quick Knock It Off for you. (Yes, I decided to make that a Thing, I’m not going to schedule it, just randomly throw it out there.) Feel free to snag the button out of the sidebar if I featured you and it tickles your fancy.

Tell me, what is thriftier than a craft that primarily uses rocks and sticks? Not much that I can think of! Unless you live in a place so devoid of life that you have to pay to import rocks and sticks. Then you, my friend, have bigger issues to worry about than how you’re going to make cute little fake fires.


These gift bags made out of newspaper are not only thrifty and great for the environment, but they would be very versatile! A sports page for the sports fanatic in your life… stocks for the business man… comics… these could appeal to anyone! I think it would be fun to get together with your friends and make a bunch to have a pile ready to go. Thrifty, eco-friendly girls night!

This sopapilla cheesecake is not only inexpensive and delicious, but I actually tried it myself and LOVED it. My hubby compared it to the taste of a Danish. Also, I didn’t have honey onhand, so I did it with maple syrup. Let’s just say, my ‘very Canadian’ version was uh-mazing and I may just make it again this weekend to try it with honey! Now, somebody please teach me how to pronounce Sopapilla???

This scrappy sunhat is SO CUTE and is designed to be made of the scraps of projects past! Even if you don’t have any scraps handy, you could cut up an old pillowcase and call it golden. In fact, I would be willing to bet you could whip up a Not So Basic Pillowcase Dress (leave out the ruffle and add two inches to the length of your dress; measure from the finished decorative hem of your pillowcase) and a Scrappy Sun Hat out of one pillowcase, EASY.

And for those of you with boys, you can have your little man in his sunday best in no time with this button-up-shirt to onesie tutorial. Especially great if Daddy has put on a little ‘sympathy weight,’ is what I would say except that we don’t talk about such things around here.

It is car-mania right now with the release of Cars 2, and I’m not surprised. I, for one, thought the first movie was a blast, and Nicole loves it too. Considering how many Disney movies seemed to be geared more towards girls (although my nephews all love Tangled!) I’m not surprised how much people LOVE the Cars movies, though… And they love the toys, too!  Have a thrifty little gas pump and go to town!


Oh dear, there was only one super-girly thing in this post so far, most of it is very boy or gender neutral or what have you. We’ll have to remedy that with a quick Knock It Off!

This Boden skirt is no longer available for sale even if you did want to fork over the cash. So feel guilt-free if you want to Knock It Off in a thrifty fashion. You can start with either a plain skirt you have already got (the fuller the better) or you could use something like the skirt from this tutorial or even this one to do this for an adult (and why not?!) and then do a google search for some ice cream clip art to print out to use for the inspiration for your appliques. You can even freehand it. And then from there, you can use this tutorial for a good, thorough applique meant to last and last and maybe be handed down, or if you want something a little quick and dirty (that may not last as well in the wash over time, but will certainly last you through the summer) you can use this no-sew tutorial.

One thought on “Friday Favourites–Thrifty Edition!

  1. I love the newspaper bags! i made some gift bags recently for my bridesmaids gifts out of wallpaper, and they looked good, but not quite as neat as these ones! Check them out on my blog I love your summer time and the living is thrifty idea, it's hard times for us all, and it's great to see such fab ideas from so many talented people! i'm a new follower but will definitely be coming back for more! xx


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