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You guys. Every July I realize Nicole is about to have yet another birthday, which I’m pretty sure we literally just covered, and then I do this post about how she grew. Well, okay, last year in the beginning of July I did a picture of her then and a year before. But I stumbled on it earlier this month and decided it must go on, and become better.

So for your viewing pleasure, or possible displeasure, here we have our annual Holy Cow, Guys – a – thon where I post pictures taken at the beginning of July for the past few years. And listen, the first picture is as early as we get because in the beginning of July in 2007 she was cozily tucked away in my giant belly. (PS, watch my photo skills improve!)


July 2007 – nearly one!


July 2009 – nearly two


July 2010 – nearly three

IMG_9719 copy

July 2011 – nearly… what? Four? Um, no. I’ll be over in my Denial Corner if you need me.

3 thoughts on “It’s a TRADITION

  1. Aww! I remember visiting you and your little miss at your parents the summer you had her! It seems like yesterday….and now I feel old! Happy almost birthday miss Nicole!!


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