stacked flower clips how-to


Olivia has just a little bitty bit of hair, most of her original mane fell out, leaving the sides and top long and the rest is new growth. However, my little pinch clips that I make work just fabulous for staying in. This particular day, the clip stayed in for an hour and a half. It only came out when her hand happened to brush it and she pulled it out to taste it. Hairclips open up a whole new world of matching possibilities! Which is great, because I don’t actually always dress the girls to match. They have totally different skin tones, so of course they don’t look good in all the same colors. But Nicole always wants to match; if not Olivia, then me. And it’s cuter when it’s Olivia.


I won’t insult your intelligence by doing a step by step photo tutorial on these hairclips. I’ll just explain it out to you.

1) cut out or obtain various 2D flower shapes out of felt. (i bought these at a thrift store, actually)
2) stack them, biggest to smallest.
3) push a scrapbooking brad through them.
4) hot glue gun time! Glue the finished flower to a slightly-smaller clip. I buy mine at and these ones use one of the two smallest sizes of pinch clip.

As for Nicole, they stay in her hair all day. Not necessarily still holding the hair where it’s supposed to be by the end of the day, with my wild child, but it’s still in there. And that’s all I ask for, really. She loves them! I made a stack of these to sell and she pulled out two sets for herself and Olivia. 🙂

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