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Meet the kids


Everyone say “Hi, button and banner!”

Aren’t they just darling. I keep thinking the colors make me hungry but actually I’m pretty sure they make me want to lick a popsicle.

The event will run from July 4-29. I have eleven guest posts scheduled, and the topics range from recipes, to kids crafts, and hopefully some sewing as well! I’ll have at least two sewing tutorials (well, really I’ll be showing the basic pillowcase dress, which has been done a million times, but I’ll be showing you how to make a few different things starting with that simple base.) I also have at least two thrifty kids activities lined up. I’ll throw you a free one for babies right now. Storage bin full of water, the ghettoist baby pool there ever was. You’re welcome.


It’s going to be a great month for it, as far as I’m concerned… this little munchkin took her first steps on Sunday, in front of company aka a witness. Two or three steps to Papa. And then Monday one step towards a toy. So, like when she started crawling, I can look forwards to chasing her down and teaching her boundaries like mad for a few weeks when she starts walking fulltime soon.


Just in case you were wondering if she is still ridiculously adorable and/or hilarious… the answer to that is yes. Don’t be fooled, though, I’m onto her. Where Nicole would loudly demand your attention at all times, Olivia quietly flies under the radar to see what she can get away with. And then when she’s caught, it’s a wink and a smile and she’s off to see what else she can do.


Oh, and she’s developed a temper, so that’s exciting. It doesn’t show up often, but at least three times in the last week she has thrown a little fit when I’ve taken things away from her. She’s also shaking her head no all the time, but I’m relatively certain she has no idea what it means


Random photo of Nicole to exhibit a lack of favouritism. I’m going to be throwing her a fourth birthday party in the middle of all this, too. You bet your butt it will be low-budget but still as ridiculously detail-orientated as possible. She wants a rainbow. I’m a little boo-urn over that because it seems like everyone is throwing rainbow parties right now so I feel copycat. But it’s her birthday, not mine. Plus I have one or two little strokes of brilliance up my sleeve already. And no, I’m not doing one of those ridiculous layer-cakes with a layer in every color of the rainbow. They are really cool, but no, I am not THAT detail-orientated. Okay, fine. The real answer is, I have no intentions of washing THAT MANY DISHES.

I will use that time saved for something constructive. Like sorting jellybeans by color.

One thought on “Meet the kids

  1. Love that photo of Livvy by the window. Great face and light. And don't waste your time sorting jellybeans by colour. Buy them that way at the bulk barn! They also have every colour of sprinkles under the sun, too…


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