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Knock it off!


My brain likes to pick things apart, but I don’t always have the time/motivation/whatever to actually follow through. I was curious if anyone would be interested in me occasionally sharing these Knock It Off ideas? I’ll give an example of what I mean. It’s almost like a tutorial but without any pictures of the process and possibly it might not work at all but it makes sense to my brain. Also its another excuse for me to yammer on uninterrupted so that’s nice.

I don’t make all my kids clothing. Not even close. But there are some things I cannot just fork cash over for, and in particular things that have nothing particularly hard to duplicate that you could make, ohhh, at least two of them out of half a meter of fabric? Three if you’re good or your baby is small. No, sorry, I just cannot force these dutch hands to part with my monies. This is an example of that. I might not get around to making this, and I’d pick it up in a consignment store for $6 with glee if it was in good condition, but I can’t even swallow the sale price. Not on something my baby would wear for 3-6 months. And that’s not even taking weather into consideration.

GAP, 17.99 marked down from 25.99 via

Off the top of my head, if you made this in a knit using your brain, plus Made By Rae’s sunsuit tutorial with slightly longer legs, plus The Train To Crazy’s Go-To Dress for the flutter sleeves… make the shoulder straps as binding and encase the flutter sleeves in the binding. The shirring means you don’t need to have any buttons/snaps in the neck area.  Don’t forget to use some good interfacing if you use snaps on the crotch of a knit garment. If you’ve never shirred before, or worked with knit before, use a cotton or you will hate me and/or knits and/or shirring forever. Even if you have worked with all of the above, do a test swatch of the shirring to see how best to avoid swearing while making the garment. I think if you were to cut it like it was a pillowcase dress (and there are one million tutorials for that, I don’t have a fav) before shirring the front and back pieces you’d have the most accurate knockoff. However if that’s overcomplicating things, just adding flutter sleeves to Rae’s sunsuit would be adorable! I’d say four or five rows of shirring would also pretty much cover it, but you could do as many or as few as you’d like for whatever look you are aiming for.

Let me know what you think of me sharing my Knock It Off ideas. Is it jibberish? Do you comprendez? Is there anything you’d like to knock off??

2 thoughts on “Knock it off!

  1. Share away! I am just starting to sew and the cost of patterns is tough for my budget to follow. So being pointed to tutorials or given knock off ideas is awesome!

    Also I agree, $17.99 is still way to much for what is basically a glorified onsie, no matter whose tag is on the garment!


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