In a bit of a Jam(mie)


I’ve been making jammies for Nicole. She’s a bit obsessive (I don’t know where that came from!) and has decided her jammies are dirty in the morning, or at least that they make her room messy, so she’s been throwing them in the hamper. Normally she wears them for at least two nights, so me and the laundry were not prepared! I saw a great idea online to make nighties from old tshirts. I took the tutorial and changed it a bit to make it faster and easier, if you’d like me to share I have at least one more to go, I could whip up a mini tutorial? I actually did these just with a regular sewing machine (because I was too lazy to rethread the serger, I didn’t change out the needles as often as I should again) and it took twenty minutes tops to go from XL mens shirt to little girls nightie.


Here they are on a small child. And I’m going to ask your opinion on editing. I’m wishy-washy like that. (I have no idea why the second photos wound up so noise-y around her head. It happened when I was saving them, no matter what I did.)

Do you prefer my usual basic editing:


Or the dreamier (which has pros and cons) extra editing?


The usual:


The Big Extra:


I’ll tell you what I prefer, subjects that aren’t running. I kid you not. “Do you want to go outside and take pictures of your jammies?” “Yeah!” Thirty seven seconds later…. “Don’t take a picture of me!” she yells as she throws her hands over her face. Fortunately our little shit zhu (yes I type her breed on purpose, ha) was in a psychotic mood and tore it up all around the yard, which prompted the same from Nicole. Running is easier than hiding, I’ll give you that. Even with manual focus.

(if your curious, my preference is actually the regular editing, I think. Or maybe I should do both and then put the extra-editing one over the normal one at 50% opacity……… I’m so indecisive. I had an open-invitation wedding with a dessert reception for this exact reason. I couldn’t bear to make a list.)

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2 thoughts on “In a bit of a Jam(mie)

  1. I definitely vote for the regular editing. I like crazy dreamy editing with the right kind of shoot (tutus, bubbles, fairy wings), but I think for normal pictures just plain ol' editing does the trick! Cute pjs btw!


  2. I like the first shots, too. Lol at running subjects. When I took Nik to the Children's Garden last week, I just got many shots of the back of his head. 😛


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