Friday Favourites

Button, button, who wants a button? I’m not sure if anyone actually wants one, but on the off chance that anyone is excited that I found them delightful and put them in my Friday Favourites, I created a little button.


The pink matches the current layout and the teal matches the one I’m thinking about! I don’t know if I should go for it, though, because a particular color which I will not name is quite possibly taking over my life. I sit here typing this in a shirt that is a darker shade of it. Later I will rummage for change in my (thrifted for $20 heck ya) Tommy Hilfiger purse that is another shade of it, and hanging my laundry on the line I will try not to notice that half of it is variations of this hue.

As for the favourites, I decided to go back to linking them straight to the posts instead of via Pinterest. Perhaps the pinterest links are nice for the people on Pinterest, as you can just straight away pin them, but for those who aren’t its just an extra step. (if you are on pinterest, you can find all my favs and more by following me, there’s a link in the top of the right toolbar)


Look at this yummy hoodie refashion! I actually don’t have any plain hooded sweaters right now, I’ve been living in cardigans for the most part and I have one big Old Navy hoodie that is lined in faux-fur. I’m going to be on the lookout for a nice hoodie to do this with, so chic and you’d look fab on a budget. Can a girl ask for more?

I really like this Twirling While Standing Skirt tutorial from The Mother Huddle. It looks a bit similar to my Rufflicious skirt. I think I decided I’m just going to do a tutorial on that, by the by. I am thinking of making some patterns yet, but I can’t convince myself to get money for a pattern that is really just ‘cut rectangles that are these sizes and then do these things with them.’ Anyways, back to this skirt… This color/fabric combo just kills me! Yum.

And for some small crochet fun, you can whip up these adorable Pretty Posies from Aesthetic Nest and attach them to a basic T (or anything, really) to dress it up. Lovely! A nice simple touch that dresses up a plain t and also allows you to make a shirt match a few more items than it would have previously.

And I can never forget my friends with boys! This is a faux bow tie tutorial from ICandy Handmade, the bow tie is on an elastic. No figuring out how to tie things! Just a quick, easy slip around the neck. If you like to have your kids coordinated/matchy (yes please) you can make the above Twirling While Standing skirts for your boys and then matching bowties for your gentlemen. Eh? Ehhhh? Oh, I know, my kids will hate me one day. But if you did say a subtle grey pinstripe you could even get away with matching kids all the way from wee bitty to tweens. Teens you might have to bribe and/or wrestle. And you could match yourself and maybe even make a real tie for your hubby. (those tutorials pictured below.) If you did it all with nice grey pinstripe suiting material you could probably get away with not being committed. I wish my hubby wore ties, I’m now thinking hard about copious amounts of grey pinstripe suiting material sitting in my craft room… three skirts and a mens tie… happy fathers day indeed. *dreamy sigh*

*clears throat* Sorry. Got a little carried away there. Bear with me.


Aw, look at these! This is more a normal person’s idea of fun, as opposed to my own rather embarrassing display above. Summer camp chairs! I love them. And you can do it without your hubby, you just need to bat your lashes at that guy who cuts things at your home hardware store.

I won’t even suggest one little bit that this adorable tshirt refashion would make a great addition to the outfit I was obsessively creating in my head earlier. I really love this lace overlay refashion… you add back the parts of the T that you cut off! Look ma, no bra straps! All modest and cute and stylish, look at that. I’ve definitely been known to sport bra straps (honest to goodness, I suspect you could wear an XXXXXXXL tshirt and nursing bra brastraps would still.find.a.way.to.show. I think nursing bras are sentient beings, and not kindly ones.)

And for those of us with the patience to knit – crochet is much faster, knitting is lovely love lovely but my ADHD takes over at some point and I am prone to wander off, never to return – this Whirligig Shrug is just delicious. If I manage to break my leg or have an appendix removed and am forcibly confined to one space, I will most definitely knit this. Or if I take a road trip. Not likely to occur any time soon unless I’m the one driving and I leave my hubby behind, though.

And now for something that I keep coming back to and laughing over…..

Via Pinterest

And two other photography-related loves from Pinterest this week, this is a theme my brain is apparently quite rather in absolute love with:


via Pinterest


via Pinterest

I hope you all have a truly delicious weekend, full of sunshine and grass stained knees or rainy days and books+snuggles. 

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