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Daddy Salute–Dad Life

Thanks to Welcome to the gOOd life for sharing this, my husband and I can’t stop chuckling about and/or singing random lines from this. 

My little Olivia is seven months old today! Every time I get a BabyCenter email I get a good chuckle. Today I will share an excerpt from Seven Months Old, First Week.

Has your baby turned into a bouncing machine? YES. This game is fun for him now if he can support his weight on his legs. She’s walking around furniture, so I think she’s got it covered, yeah. What’s more, he can probably sit unsupported, which will free his hands for exploring. Insert maniacal laughter with a hint of desperation here. Yup, her hands are freely exploring all right. At this age he’ll also probably start reaching for things and scooping them up with one hand. Like dog food. Or the electrical sockets you never got around to unbabyproofing from Nicole; score one for laziness. You can encourage his independence and new skills by placing a toy just out of his reach. I do that! Except switch ‘toy’ for ‘my crap’ and ‘encourage’ for ‘scold and threaten and get laughed at by my remorseless baby.’

She got a fifth tooth, by the way. One of her outer bottom teeth. We had a little chuckle at her expense; she’s going to look like a vampire forever. Those upper middle teeth have shown no intention of showing up any time soon.

It’s nice to laugh at your kids when they’re too young to need therapy for it later.

2 thoughts on “Daddy Salute–Dad Life

  1. I laugh at mine all the time. The older one though now knows it and gets mad. Ooops, guess I should stop it now before he needs expensive, blame the parents therapy 😛


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