100+ followers! Thank you! Giveaway!

Well, I’ve been hovering in the high nineties for a while now and suddenly I’m over 100 followers! Thank each and every one of you, and also thankyou to everyone who follows me through a feed reader.

I wish I could give every one of you a thankyou present, but that’s just not feasible. However, leave a comment on this post by July 1st and on that day I’ll draw two names, each of those people can choose one item from my current store listings (current on the day that they choose their item) either in the shop or on facebook. (except the lovies and receiving blankets by Crystal, which I hope to list soon; those aren’t mine to give.)

Spring Bud petite rose earrings

Snow White custom made frayed-edge flowers baby/toddler/child headband

I had a bummer of a day yesterday – thrush getting pretty painful, head cold, my hubby thought he broke my laptop but it turns out he didn’t but I thought he did all day because I was so upset I didn’t want to look at it, a pan broke, bum knee (?!), Nicole has been challenging us constantly the last week or so – and by the end of the day (okay, midafternoon) I felt so defeated I just wanted to go to bed. I even skipped Zumba, my friends said I should just go and it would make me feel better, and of course, I regret skipping it now. My friends are wise people.

However, today is a new day!

Thank you to my friends who had kind words for me yesterday. I’m not looking for sympathy right now or throwing a pity party anymore but rather wanted to put it out there that I have off days just like everyone else. Even I am not 24/7 cheerful! 😉  I’m sure there are some people who think I’m ‘fake’ for my constant 😀 ! so I want to throw it out there, some days really really really really really suck. A big pile of crap. And  for the most part, I’m on top of it; but that only just makes me King of Turd Mountain. Uh, queen.

7 thoughts on “100+ followers! Thank you! Giveaway!

  1. Wahoo can I be in your contest 😀

    I know what you mean about people thinking your too happy all the time, I actually had a “friend” delete me off facebook because as she said “I can't stand how perfect and happy you are all the time, it's unfair and brings me down” WHAT can't others be happy for others now a days? Anyhoo We all have our ups and downs just some of us (i.e. you and I) don't tend to dwell on the bad but rather focus on the positives 😀 I love ya cuz just the way you are bad day or good X


  2. I totally know what you mean about the laptop thing recently we thought my laptop was broken also but found out that thankfully i just need a new cord to plug into the wall! Would have sucked to have to buy a new one!!


  3. Me too, me too! “I know what you mean about…” having days where lots of things go wrong! Good thing the good and average days outnumber the really bad ones. Thankfully, the next day is usually guaranteed to be better. Your upbeat and honest writing is refreshing. Here's hoping a really great day isn't too far off in coming.


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