I Heart Faces–Bright & Vivid

As soon as I saw this week’s theme I knew I would enter and I knew it would be a picture of Nicole. I was a bit torn up between a few of them, and narrowed it down to this one or a wacky one, but in the end I went for this one. I just loved this whole shoot. I even love her bloodblistered lip, my little bruiser, although I’ve forgotten how she got it. I kind of love how the focal point in this picture wound up being her smile (I say ‘wound up’ because I was just getting to know my manual focus when I took this picture, I’m getting much better at it now)

IMG_4221 copy

And now I’m rethinking the bangs thing again, maybe they make her look younger. Or maybe she just looked younger in March than she does now. Probably that. Kids grow like weeds.

Man, this kid is a totally different color right now than she was in March… she’s got her Daddy’s coloring, she looks out the window and BAM! She’s dark. And then her tan fades sometime in February. No joke.

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