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Lovely headband is lovely


Isn’t this headband just adorable? If you don’t think so, there’s probably something wrong with you; you might want to get that looked at. For those of us in good health, this sweet little number is by Ummashin’s Goodies. I’ve featured her before, like a year ago or something, because I stumbled on her etsy shop and a) her goodies are adorable, and b) I kind of want to shower her little models in kisses.


A while back I won a giveaway on luvinthemommyhood for Ummashin’s Goodies, and I’m pretty sure you probably heard me squealing. Think back, remember that one time you thought you heard a weird noise and you couldn’t figure out what it was and then you forgot about it and went back to rummaging through the fridge? That was me, winning that giveaway. I let Nicole choose, and she chose this hat. She loves it, but I have yet to have photographed it.

NicoleHB copy

Well, last week I was grabbing the tissue paper the hat had come wrapped in to reuse it, when suddenly out pops this adorable headband! I was so surprised/pleased/embarrassed! I fired off another quick thankyou email, how generous is Hannah!

Both of these items are beautifully handmade. I strongly recommend you check out Ummashin’s Goodies if all this crochet nonsense has you yearning for some handmade goodness but you just don’t have the time to do it yourself, or if you’re curious what twenty years of crochet experience will get you.

(Spoiler alert: Quality, that’s what it will get you. Quality.)

And thus ends my little frolic with playing around with lots of post-processing. Let me know what you think, maybe I’ll do it a little more often. It’s kind of fun. I do still love the crisp bright stuff the best, of course!

One thought on “Lovely headband is lovely

  1. Ooooh, I LOVE this headband! It's just beautiful, and your photography is gorgeous! I've been trying to learn myself and stiiiink at it so far, so it's very inspiring to see such lovely pictures 🙂

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

    (PS, thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my skirt post at Living With Punks today . . . totally made my day to read that!)


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