Friday Favourites

Alack and Alas, it has been so long! I felt so guilty about the crochet videos that I stopped doing Friday Favourites, too. Nobody said I was logical.

Today I’ll start off with a favourite text! I found our Steve Green CD back, so now I can listen to happy little texts-set-to-song of my youth instead of Little Peoples all the time, and one of my favourites is this one:

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. Philippians 4:8

The power of positive thinking isn’t a new concept at all, here it is right in the Old Testament. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a little frivolous, thinking about lovely things all dreamy-like from time to time. But here it is, if anything is lovely…. excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things!

Also, part of being a homemaker includes making a house into a home. So special touches, like peonies (if you like peonies. I know I like peonies.) on the table or a handmade pillowcase for your daughter’s bed help show the people in your home you’re putting in the extra effort for them. There’s no such thing as just a mom/wife/homemaker unless you think of it that way, and then you could also be just a banker, just a politician, just a teacher. It’s the extra mile that brings you from the ‘just’, and for some people that mile is making things by hand and for others its being thrifty and saving that extra dime to buy things, it’s all where your skills and passions lie.

Well, so much for a quick text. Sorry (no I’m not), I can be so passionate about positivity! Ha, I sound like such a cheeseball. I kind of am, I guess!

Speaking of dwelling on the good, here’s some really good things that I’ve seen around the blogiverse lately.

I discovered this blog recently and there are tons of awesome refashioning tutorials. If you are a work-with-whatcha-got or thriftstore-diva kind of girl, you need to check this blog out, stat.

I thought this was pretty clever, how to make a perfect tiny little bow using a fork. These would be great if you make cards, or on kids clothes, or on undergarments.

Just a little taste of some of the delicious free patterns up for grabs over at Grosgrain for free pattern month. I love how generous people can be, to give the patterns/tutorials for such lovely things up for free! Amazing. Thanks to everyone who contributed and to the lovely Kathleen for putting together and hosting Free Pattern Month, I haven’t used any of the patterns myself yet but I am just blown away.

Here’s for the boys, of course, can’t miss the boys! These are darling, and obviously you could do this with a tshirt too.

And some more Shwin and Shwin love, I am just in love with this sweet little dress. I truly hope I get around to making one or twelve this summer! Olivia has gone down at Decent Time In The Evening Oclock the last three days so I’m getting really hopeful that I’ll have some really good free time in the evenings without having to twist my hubby’s arm. I feel bad doing that because… he is starting his own business! We’ve both been very busy with that. That’s the thing where I was like “I’m busy and excited and I can’t say why but my uterus is not involved.”

Source: ikatbag.com via Laura on Pinterest

This is just too cool. On the list of bloggers I wish would adopt me… it’s a long list, actually. Nobody seems to want to adopt someone my age. It’s a terrible thing.

Shannon is the queen of roundups, and she does not disappoint with this one. I browsed through this and had one of those moments for a second where you’re not pregnant and you kind of wish you were all cute and pregnant so you could look like that… except my baby is six and a half months old so not enough time has passed for me to not end that thought with EXCEPT WHEN I’M PREGNANT I DO NOT FEEL ALL CUTE AND PREGNANT, AND I CERTAINLY DONT MAKE MYSELF CUTE DREAMY THINGS. I make myself cupcakes, is what I make myself.

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